Ensign David Reese

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Character's Name: David Andrew Reese


Born: 2361, Age 26
Place Of Birth: Space (USS Castroneves)
Gender: Male
Species Of Origin: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 Ib.
Skin Tone: White
Telepathic and Empathic Status: None
Body: Average
Face: Deep, sad eyes
Marital Stats: Single
   Ex-Wife: Kayen Ohaka, from Cayracor, currently deceased (from 'history')
Children: None
Habits: He's observant of everything around him, tends to tapping his fingers and thumping his leg when in thought
Quarters: Clean, decorated with books, pictures of family
Likes: Learning, Sciences, History, Culture, Holodeck
Dislikes: Fighting, Socializing, Mistakes
Ambitions and Goals: To be a good Starfleet officer
Temperament: Kind, yet not very open and welcoming (dealing with after 'history')
Hobbies: Reading, Puzzle solving


Mother: Lyza Reese
Father:  Caleb Reese
   Older Sisters: Izzaba Reese
   Younger Brother: Brendon Reese

Character History

David Reese was born the son of two well accomplished Starfleet officers, Lyza and Caleb Reese. He grew up on a Federation Starship, the USS Castroneves. Like his parents he joined Starfleet academy, with the intent of becoming a science officer. After graduating he was immediately posted to the crew of the USS Gemini. A small science vessel documenting cultures on worlds located across the out edges of Federation space. David Reese in the year spent aboard the Gemini received many high remarks for his skills as a researcher and scientist.

During a mission to the planet Cayracor the Gemini landed and had begun to infiltrate themselves into the culture in order to observe the culture. Cayracor was an unstable world, with much fear and paranoia. A prewarp civilization on the verge of learning the potentials of nuclear energy when the Gemini team arrived. The Gemini team was only active there for a short time. During the mission one of the officers was captured by the local government. There is no recorded data on what had actually happened to him. It can only be assumed that he revealed the presents of the Gemini and it's crew because the local government rallied their soldiers and police to find and kill all member of the Gemini team. The crew was all killed and their ship destroyed. By some luck David Reese escaped and was sheltered by a primitive women there named Kayen Ohaka. He was the only survivor of the Gemini crew and was lost there with no way of contacting Starfleet and no way of getting off the planet. He remained with Kayen for six months until a Starfleet rescue team located him. When they did finally find him Reese refused to return. From their reports they said David Reese had seemingly settled into his new surroundings. He had a job in the city, he practiced their laws and customs, and had learned to speak their language. Though Reese didn't return to space after that he continued to serve Starfleet by documenting and reporting all new information on the Cayracor's development.

Reese settled into his new life on Cayracor by marrying Kayen. On the verge of nuclear power, the world of Cayracor destroyed itself in a devastating war. Kayen his wife was killed in one of the earliest massacre. The Cayracor Mission was closed, it was recorded an inevitable fate for Cayracor.

David Reese spent the next few months recovering before returning to Starfleet where he excepted his new post to the USS Arabella, which is where he is currently serving.

2361 - David Reese was born
2379 - Reese joined Starfleet Academy
2383 - Reese was posted to the USS Gemini
2384 - Reese was the only survivor of the Cayracor Mission
2385 - Reese was reposted to document Cayracor's grows
   - Reese was married to Kayen Ohaka
2386 - Reese lost his wife and the Cayracor Mission was recorded a failure
2387 - Reese was posted to the USS Arabella