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Brack from the world of Influenza, conspiracy and lies

Started by Chief, May 18, 2009, 07:24:04 PM

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Hey guys!

Just to give you a little update on my life. It's been hectic.

For the ones that don't know me or remember me, I am Chief, a long time fan of the show and member of the forums.

Life has been hectic and has prevented me from doing the stuff I love, like coming to these very forums.


I wor at the health ministry in Mexico and it was hectic as usual, but one fine morning it all exploded with activity. We had been hit by a virus and people were dying. So everyone got to work and I had several meetings. Some of them with different Secretaries, like the Secretary of Defense, Education and the Secretary of Health.

Not that I'm important or anything, but I run the communications (both print and web) for the Health Ministry. So you may imagine, I was swamped with work.

And then there was this weird feeling I was living on a terrible sci fi movie. I was a guy that wasn't allowed to leave the city because I didn't know if I was infected. My girlfriend was terribly worried about me and I had to work creating all sorts of material to let people know what to do. It was really crazy.

Then I started to learn several things about how the government was handling the situation. The VIPs all over weren't following the very same hygiene  and health rules they were imposing to people. The media was blowing all out of proportion. I run a 30 people department and some of them got sick... but all of them are back into business and healthier than ever.

I also learned some stuff I don't think I should talk about. Thing is, I lived through hell and paranoia... only to know it all is not as bad as the media was saying.

At the end of the day, I am happy to report that the outbreak is under control now and life is back into normal here.

On a brighter side, I just watched Star Trek last night. It was so freaking awesome. I really need to watch it again.

I also watched Fanboys. Not too shabby.

Man there are tons of things to talk about!

For now, I will just star reading all that I missed on my long months of absence. Hope everyone is doing ok!

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Welcome back, Chief! Being locked-down in quarantine must have been horrible. Glad to hear that the chaos is settling down and that things are getting back to normal. 


Welcome back Chief...We had a similar "scare" in Texas. Glad everything simmered down. I know what you mean about the bad sci-fi movie. :D

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CHIEF!!! So glad to hear from you and happy things are looking up for you and our friends to the south.  Hopefully people will not only learn from this but improve the way they handle things.  Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies - not any virus or disease.  Best wishes to you and everyone that was affected by all this.


Welcome back Chief! My wife and I couldn't believe how badly the whole flu situation got blown out of all proportion. It was just crazy. Pver a million people died of the regular flu last season worldwide. Never heard a word about that! Anyway, I'm glad things have settled down for you so you can enjoy life again.

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Hey Chief, glad all is well. My wife and I were down in Las Palomas a week before this whole thing blew up.