"STAR TREK" - 'How Far We've Come' - my music video

Started by Rico, May 06, 2009, 03:26:31 PM

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This is a music video I've been wanting to put together for awhile.  I'll probably slip it into the podcast this coming weekend too.  Hope you enjoy it!



That was awesome!!!! The music ends a tad too early, It would be great to have it go to the end. GREAT job, Rico!


Thanks Bryan.  The music track is there at the end, just very soft.  Anyway, here it is on Metacafe too:



Oh - if you are on Metacafe please go over there and rate my video and maybe leave a comment.  Sign up if you are not on there yet.  It's pretty cool!



"Commander. You just sit tight. We'll have this all fixed up in time for supper. "


Let me bash it as 'fun, watchable', this is not Star Trek!!!!1!!111 ;)



You're welcome! :)

I have far too much fun watching that piece from "The Onion" (Trekkies bash new movie as 'fun, watchable').

By quoting this I compare your video to the new movie. Its fast paced, fun to watch, doesn't use the typical score and is quite a ride through the best moments of classic Trek. And, according to those "fans" interviewed by the Onion, this means it is not Star Trek!!!!!11!!!1111

All I meant was:
Quote from: Data on May 07, 2009, 07:35:20 AM
Awesome work Rico


Nice =)  I watched it in the vid podcast.   :metallica:  nice choice in music


I still really enjoy watching this and how it came together.