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Star Trek: Season 9

Started by Geekyfanboy, February 14, 2009, 08:29:14 PM

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Joint post by Jen and Feathers

It was apparent by Dunn's expression that he was hurt by the Chief Of Security's accusations. Ryla could understand Joseph's frustration, but his manner was atypical and his anger was misdirected. "I don't mean to interrupt your small talk gentlemen, but I do have other patients here in Sickbay—your elevated voices will wake them. And Joseph, if you don't tone it down I'll inject you with something stronger than that ale you just downed." 

Dunn and D'Callan glared at one another a moment before the young lieutenant turned back to the Ferengi Ensign. "Yes, Mr. D'Callan has a brother," he said in hushed voice, "and you may have unwittingly aided and abetted him."

Ryla narrowed her eyes in thought, "unwittingly aided and abetted him?"

Dunn turnned to look at the doctor and paused, deciding whether or not he had said too much in front of her. "Uh...he...may have helped an operative board the ship and disable half the station's shuttle bays."

"Well...I think Mr. Galadar may have been chemically influenced by this operative. I found evidence that indicates as much. If this person was the same individual who poisoned Joseph, I wouldn't be surprised if he has the ability to synthesize Orion pheremones...."

Christopher nodded, "that could explain why the guards were so lax in their duties in the transporter room."

Blinking in confusion, Galdar spoke up "The Commander's brother was with me when the shuttlebays were disabled. Lieutenant Andrews made that call from the Tellarite shuttle. We both heard him...and saw the older man board the shuttle with him before it escaped the bay."

"An older man? Is that so?" said Dunn, "Does Lieutenant Commander James know this?"

"I have informed him of Lieutenant Andrews involvement, but I haven't provided a more detailed report yet. As for Mr. D'Callan, he...departed before Commander James could get any useful information from him." replied Galdar.

Dunn stepped back and, with a nod of approval from Ryla, moved into the office tapping his badge. Galdar heard the muted tones of Aeric James on the end of the channel but couldn't make out the detail of what was said. Even Ferengi ears had their limits.

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Joint Post by Startrekfanatic5 and Just X

Aeric walked quietly out of the shuttle bay with the captain beside him. His eyes held a distant look as he continued to maintain his link with the Arabella. The halls of the ship were clear of traffic. Those that were not on duty were in their quarters and that gave him the liberty that was needed to talk.

"What is going on with my ship, Mr. James?" Quinn asked as they walked.

Aeric sighed. "You should not have come back. Everything is fine and being handled."

Quinn's stopped and faced Aeric, his brow raised. "Fine Aeric? Why is it that the Delta shift commander had to inform me of what has been going on here? This isn't how I like seeing my ship run. My XO should have brought these things to my attention."

Aeric nodded slowly and considered his words carefully before speaking. "I should have monitored the communications channels sooner. You should have been able to enjoy your vacation while we sorted things here."

Quinn shook his head and continued to walk down the corridor. "Have you forgotten Mr. James that this is my ship? If there is a problem with it then I should know immediately. Anything else is unacceptable." Quinn said as he stopped again and turned to face the acting XO. "Have we given you more responsibility than you can handle with this position? Are you distracted by your personal life? Something isn't adding up."

"Nor should it be captain." Aeric took another slow breath and met the man's eyes. His mind was abuzz with the raw data he received from the ship. It was a white noise of controlled chaos with James at the center. "It is possible that we have a cloaked agent from Section 31 aboard the ship. This isn't the first time that some of the crew has had contact with 31. We need to be very through in every step that is taken and what we say. A very thorough investigation is currently being conducted and D'Callan has been arrested and relieved of duty as a part of that investigation. Everything is completely under control. Captain, I am asking for your trust and patience while this investigation is concluded. This ship is not the Tiberius. Everything that I have done and will do is in the best interest of this ship and her crew. Would it be too much to ask for you to get back on that shuttle and finish your vacation while I see this through?"

Nathan looked stunned, "You're serious. You want me to turn around and head back to Ogus II and pretend that none of this has happened. I thought you knew me better Mr. James." Quinn turned away from the man standing in front of him and continued to walk into the turbolift. Aeric entered right behind. "Bridge!! " Nathan said as the doors slid shut. He turned back to Aeric. "As for trusting you Mr. James, I trusted you enough to make you my first officer, but I'm currently regretting that decision."

The doors slid open onto the bridge, Nathan and Aeric exited and headed towards the Captain's Ready Room. Quinn entered walked over to his desk and sat down. Aeric stood ridged on the opposite side of the desk. "Now Mr. James, I want to know what is happening on my ship and I want to know NOW!!"


Joint Post by Startrekfanatic5 and Just X

"Captain, as much as I would like to explain all of this to you, I can't," Aeric sighed. He knew his duty and as much as he wanted to fill Quinn in, that very duty prevented it. "I'm under orders to not speak to you on this matter."

Nathan sat there lips pressed tightly together. "Orders... Whose orders??" Quinn demanded.

Aeric eyes shifted from Quinn's for just a moment," I'm sorry sir but I can not give you that information."

Quinn stood and walked over to Aeric and stopped inches from his face. "I am your Captain and this is my ship. If someone is given my officer orders I insist on knowing who it is." Aeric didn't move "Sir please" he said quietly. Nathan stepped back and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry Mr. James but I don't like not knowing what is happening on my own ship."

Nathan focused his entire mind into Aeric's. James was a trained in telepathy but no match for his Captain. The wall surrounding these secrets dropped and Quinn delved further into the recess of Aeric's mind. Images of unrelated event touched Quinn's thoughts, Aria, a beautiful woman Nathan did not know, Sevryll, but he did not take any notice to them as he did not want to invade Aeric privacy. He was looking for one thing and he was about to find it. Suddenly as if hit by a wall white noise filled Quinn's mind. Nathan staggered a little at the amount of information he was receiving, but none of it made sense to him.. it sounded as if it was binary code.

Nathan withdrew his mind for Aeric's. "Very well Commander you leave me no choice." Quinn pressed his comm badge "Captain to security, please report to my ready room". Nathan immediately got a response. "On our way Captain." Moments later, two men entered the room. Nathan turned to them. "I want you to place Mr. James in the brig for in subornation." Quinn turned his back on Aeric and stood in front of a portal looking out at the stars as the two men escorted Aeric out of the ready room.



Lieutennant Christopher Dunn walked back into sickbay, looking distinctly unhappy. He'd only just been promoted from Ensign and now he had to keep the boss he looked up to under close supervision and
question a young Ensign recovering in sickbay. As he walked past D'Callan, he glanced quickly, almost furtively, at his boss who's eyes did not leave him.

"Excuse me Doctor," he said quietly to the Trill, "I'm afraid I've been asked to obtain a little more detail from Ensign Galdar"

Ryla looked at Dunn for a moment then gestured to Galdar with an open hand, "by all means, Lieutenant. If you don't mind my hovering, I have a job to do as well. All new crewmembers are required to undergo a
routine physical, and since the Ensign is already here...."

Chris nodded once then turned and approached Galdar who looked slightly embarrassed at his state of undress in the presence of so many alert security personnel. He took a deep breath - this was going to be uncomfortable.

"Ensign, I've been ordered to ask you some more questions."

Galdar sat up, once again glancing quickly at D'Callan who gave him a quick wink in reply.

"OK Sir, erm.... please go ahead."

Dunn sat down on the edge of the bio-bed and, leaning forward, looked Galdar in the eye.

"You're a Ferengi Ensign. Unusual for a Ferengi to join Starfleet isn't it?"

Galdar rocked backwards a little, as if physically assulted, while mentally groping for a response. It wasn't the first time his species had come up as a discussion point and he was sure that it wouldn't be the last. In the current situation, however, the question was much more disturbing than it had ever been before. In the confines of a late
night cadet discussion, it was a fairly innocent point of debate and, perhaps, a little ribbing. In the context of a major security breach by an illegal and possibly immoral organization, it took on a much more sinister and menacing overtone.

Breathing deeply, Galdar straightened his back and mustered as much of an officer's bearing as he could before answering. "It is unusual Sir, but it's not unheard of as I'm sure you're aware. With the son of the Nagus himself holding a Starfleet commission, it is a creer choice that is at least tolerated if not accepted among my people."

Dunn looking unimpressed, pressed ahead. "But it's in your nature to acquire gold pressed latinum, to make money, to be greedy. How long have you been associated with 31?"

Ryla gave Chris a bewildered look. "Where did that come from?" she mumbled disapprovingly. She was about ready to toss him out of Sickbay despite the orders he was given.

Galdar sat motionless for a full thirty seconds, looking at Lieutenant Dunn and saying nothing. He'd feared he would be implicated in whatever was going on here but he hadn't expected it to be handled so directly, so clumsily or so publically! He also hadn't expected such a direct racial slur. It didn't help that he could hear much of what he hated about his father in his questioners tone.

He held on to his temper but only by a thread. Afterwards he would admit that it was probably only the fact that Dunn had the backing of a full security squad that prevented him from committing an act of supreme insubordination.

Gritting his teeth, he stuttered out his response. The anger was almost palpably layered on every word "'31' as you call it was unknown to me until I was escorted from the shuttle bay at the orders of Commander James earlier today. Had Ensign Shane not been kind enough to fill me in, it would be unknown to me still. If I have any
association with them then I would estimate that it commenced at about the time a stranger entered shuttle bay 4 on Starbase 416 and introduced himself to me as Lieutenant Commander D'Callan's brother."

After pausing a moment, he continued, sarcasm now dripping from every word "As to what is or is not in my nature, then I fear that I owe you an apology. I had thought you to be a simple human...Sir...and therefore disabled in the area of telepathic ability. Had I realized that you are of a species that can not only determine what's in someone's 'nature' at a first meeting, but can also 'read' a Ferengi then I would obviously have behaved more appropriately."

As she continued her exam, Ryla smiled at Galdar's well delivered rebuttal and suppressed the desire to applaud him for it.

Finished, Galdar slouched once again, almost panting from the effort he'd expended. He didn't meet Dunn's gaze, instead looking appealingly first at D'Callan and then the Doctor.

Doctor Drett read his unspoken petition and interjected as she drew blood from Galdar for his physical. "I think you've had an immense burden placed on your shoulders Lieutenant, and the stress of your new responsibility has affected your judgment. Mr. Galdar isn't a criminal, he's a witness...and the Ferengi people aren't delinquents."

She tossed the last comment out with a bit more emotion than she intended, but Dunn's line of questioning was rather offensive...even if it wasn't his intent.

Embarrassed by Ryla's rebuke, Christopher blushed and stammered out an apology, "I'm sorry, Ensign. I shouldn't have taken that tone with you...and I didn't mean to insult you or your people."

Galdar looked back over at D'Callan who nodded slowly and flicked his eyes up at Dunn and gave a smile.

Sighing, Galdar locked eyes with the embarassed lieutenant. "Apology accepted Sir. What other information do you need?"

Christopher relaxed slightly He loved being part of the security team, but found having to question one of his own crewmates very awkward. He changed his tactic and went for his own personal appraoch, something he felt he should have done from the start.

"Ensign, when you were with the Section 31 agent, did you notice anything strange about his appearence?"

Galdar relaxed as well, and pulled the sheet up over his torso, thinking for a moment. "Strange? No, Sir or at least not physically. You have to understand that humans I do not know appear very much alike to me. Some differentiation is possible, but that takes practice and I am not yet..experienced enough to make such judgements." He jumped as the Doctor probed a delicate spot. Refusing to even glance in her direction, he continued "The only thing I could describe as strange is that he gave no name, simply informing me that I should call him Sir. Unnusual for someone out of uniform in a Starfleet facility. It's unnusual that I should comply with such an instruction too."

Chris tapped his PADD quickly "Your colleague. Lt Andrews. How long had you known him? Did he seem different over the past few days"

Galdar grimaced slightly before answering. "It's odd really. I've known him for the last four months, ever since I first arrived on the base. We work different shifts but our duty rotation means we've become friends of a sort. To be honest, Nick was the one person aboard that I thought I knew better than anyone." He shook his head, almost sadly. "Earlier this week I was due to relieve him aboard ship. We were on shuttle bay duty here, overseeing the repair schedule and shuttle rotation. I arrived on duty slightly early and Nick wasn't around. He eventually emerged from a jeffries tube..77?..yes, 77 without his com badge. He retrieved it shortly after I pointed it out."

"I went to see him later that day, right after getting permission to transfer to the Arabella. I had some trouble getting him to the door and once he did let me in...I mean I know he's human, but his quarters really were a mess. Much more so than usual."

Dunn raised an eyebrow at the implied racial slur but let it slide. 'One all', he thought.

"That was when I found the detonator in his quarters." Galdar concluded.

Ryla moved closer to Christopher and whispered a warning, "One more question, Lieutenant..."

"Galdar, thank you for your help, again I'm sorry for any insults I may have made earlier. I have one last question for you."

Galdar nodded and waited as Chris scanned his PADD.

"Do you have any idea what Andrews involvement in all of this was apart from the detonator?"

Shaking his head, Galdar looked at the floor. "I've asked myself this a few times, Sir, and don't really have an answer. He was obviously piloting the shuttle and was probably responsible for re-arming it once security had finished with it a few days ago. I'm assuming he set the detonators to prevent anyone from following him but why he got involved in all of this and who it was he was carrying, I have no idea."


Joint post Hawkeyemeds & Startrekfanatic5

Quinn walked into sickbay and glanced at the security guards. He found Joseph D'callan at the far end of the room. Joseph turned his head and saw the Captain walking towards him and immediately sat up in bed and winced.

"Still in pain Mr. D'Callan"

Joseph looked up..

"If I'm honest sir, its more like bed sores"

Quinn pulled up a chair and looked over to Dunn as he approached and stood at attention. Nathan nodded "at ease Lieutenant, please leave us." Dunn nodded and walked over to the other two security guards at the entrance.

"Mr. James has been relieved of duty for not co-operating and answering my questions. I want to know exactly what happened. "

Joseph took a deep breath and concentrated on his words as he spoke.

"I'd had a very busy time before you left. I'd completed the Bowers case, welcomed the new Ensign assigned to my team, locked Bowers up for fighting and then had my meeting with Mr. James. I came out of the meeting feeling somewhat drained but happy that I was finally going to enjoy my shore leave. I packed, got my cricket gear ready and headed to the station. I walked through the doors and the first thing I saw was a blurred shape of a person, I put it down to being just tired as the image vanished near enough straight away. I then went to the store and picked up some provisions, I ate a small bit of lunch and then headed to the shuttle bay to be flown to the planet. It was there that I gave Ensign Galdar, oh he's over there by the way" Joseph pointed to the Ferengi sitting on the biobed being examed by Dr. Drett. He continued "I gave him his orders and I sat in the shuttle and waited for my pilot. I waited for a while but no one turned up. I decided to go and find out where the pilot was when I suddenly felt dizzy, thinking about it now I had a severe headache and then a pain shot through my stomach, I coughed up blood and collapsed. I remember crawling out and hitting my comm badge for help. I then saw the same blurred vision I saw on the promenade come forward, it bent down, and he looked so familiar but in a dream like way."

Quinn nodded, "And then..."

"It went dark, the pain in my head and stomach over whelmed me and then I woke up here in sick bay. It was here that Lt Dunn informed me that my brother was here. I then guessed that maybe it was Theran who I had seen in the shuttle bay. I gave permission to come aboard to see me, but then, well it all seems quite hazy. I then had a communication from him, he sounded different some how, but he sent me the information that I gave Mr. James. It was all garbled information; nothing made sense except for some words stood out. I worked out that they spelt out the words 'I am the old man be warned', I could only imagine that somehow the old man was Theran, not the man claiming to be my brother.

Quinn raised his hand and Joseph fell silent.

"So you didn't see your brother?"

D'Callan shook his head, "No Sir."

"Please continue Mr. D'Callan" Nathan said with a slight nod.

Joseph stretched his back and continued.

"The thing is Sir, I know security protocol like the back of my hand. I allowed my brother to come aboard but I know I would have ordered security to hold him in sick bay until I got there or he was to be accompanied at all time to sick bay. The thing is Sir I didn't and I have no idea why. I'm at a total loss."

Quinn took a deep breath.. "hmm this still isn't adding up." Nathan looked into Joseph eyes and concentrated, he swam into his mind and found no opposition to his probing, Joseph was telling the truth, but there was something else....  Quinn stood abruptly turned and headed out of sickbay.


Joint post by Startrekfanatic5 and Just X

Quinn was quickly walking down the corridor when his badge chirped. "Captain, we are receiving a Code 47 communication from Starfleet," Ensign Danner said from his temporary posting at operations. It was an ultra secure communication that happened so rarely that the ensign had never expected to see one in his lifetime.

Nathan stopped in his tracks and said under his breath "Code 47", he then raised his voice. "I'll take it in my Ready Room."

Moments later the captain had barely settled into his seat when the communications channel opened to display the face of Rear Admiral Shawas, the Deputy Chief of Starfleet intelligence. "Captain Quinn, I know that recent events have abruptly ended your vacation, so I won't take up much of your time."

Nathan nodded "It's good to see you Admiral Shawas, it's been a while. I hope you are doing well."

"Yes, I am doing fine captain, thank you and I will keep this brief." The middle aged human woman said softly. "Under the authority of General Orders 5 and 11, you will release Lieutenant Commander Aeric James from the brig and allow him to complete his assigned task."

Quinn sat there slightly stunned, " I see.. Orders 5 and 11? Do I at least get an explanation as to what has been happening?"

Shawas raised her hand and halted Quinn. "I am sorry Captain, but this is a classified operation and the specifics of the operation is none of your concern."

Nathan in turned cut her off. "I beg to differ Admiral, these events have involved my crew and ship and I will not allow them to continue without an explanation."

The soft spoken woman's voice raised with authority. "Mr. Quinn I can easily remove you from duty, but I am asking... no I am ordering that you release Lt. Commander James.. NOW!!"

Nathan took a deep breath and gave a curt nod. The screen went blank. Five minutes later Quinn entered the Brig. Aeric James stood at attention behind the force field. The Captain cleared his throat. " Mr. James I have been ordered to release you and allow you to continue with your duties." Nathan gave the security guard a nod who then de-activated the field. Aeric walked by Nathan who grabbed his upper arm and said very quietly so Aeric could only hear. "If anyone is harmed on this ship because of your actions I will personally see that you are held responsible and prosecuted for them."

Aeric didn't reply as Quinn released his arm and exited the brig.

Aeric shook his head slowly as he tapped his comm badge.  "Computer open an encrypted channel to the USS Stalwart. Lt commander James to Captain Jefferson."

"Jefferson here," replied the gruff male voice of the captain of the Defiant Class vessel that had recently arrived in the system.

"Is the prisoner ready for my visit?" Aeric asked as he head out of the brig.

"The prisoner is ready commander," Jefferson replied. "Let us know when you are ready for transport."

Aeric finally ended his connection to the Arabella then spoke again. "Energize."


Joint Post by Jen and Just X

"Did you come to poke a stick at an angry bear?" Asked the prisoner as he glared at Aeric James through the force field. He wanted to kill the Starfleet officer, and he would have... if the field was deactivated and his binders released.

Aeric sighed, "You brought this on yourself. The life you chose had consequences and this is the result of your choice."

He had every reason to dislike the prisoner. It was Aeric who had pushed this man and Sevryll together in the current timeline. Had he known then what he knew now about this man, he would never have mentioned her to the oaf during their Dom Jot match. But, it wasn't about Aeric or the prisoner—it was about the lives that they were both intertwined in. "Is there anything you want me to tell her?"

David Locke felt his muscles tense at the mention of his wife. He imagined the sound that Aeric's broken neck would make when he got his hands on him; it made him smile. "I'll pass my own messages along. Being bonded to a Vulcan has it's benefits...you feel them no matter the distance." He stood from the metal bed and took three intimidating steps toward his visitor.

Aeric raised a brow, "I know what it's like to be bonded to... but I was talking about your daughter, M'Rynn. She deserves better." Aeric moved closer to the force field, "You should have left 31 for Sevryll, when she asked you to."

David suddenly struck the field separating them—the result was a violent pop of energy. Aeric hadn't moved, which made only made the prisoner's anger burn hotter.  "31 has a retirement plan... it's called 'death'. I've looked into it—can't say I've been too eager to reach it." The two men glared at each other at length before David continued, "I know you haven't come here for a message. What do you want you smug kre'nath?"

Aeric ignored the Vulcan slight. Instead he offered a weak smile and began to pace as he gathered his thoughts. "I'm torn. Part of me wants to see you brought to justice for the wrong that you have committed in the name of the Federation. The other part realizes that if that happens, the people that I care about will end up suffering the most... Did you know that Starfleet Intelligence is looking into Sevryll because of you?"

A mirthless chuckle slowly welled within David, "Why do you think I'm here? They wanted to court-martial her. I'm volunteering everything I know in exchange for my wife's pardon." His fell into step with Aeric's pacing.

The Lieutenant Commander crossed his arms and sighed, "...What are we going to do for her?" The two men stopped and faced one another.

"I'm doing it, now," David growled as he held up his hands to display the binders.

Aeric took another slow breath, "I know you believe that 31 is just, and you've been working with them because of that. I can respect the intent behind your actions, but I can't agree with them..." He paused a moment staring into the other man's eyes. "I don't know what to tell to your daughter. I'm not sure if I should bring her to see you, or keep her far away from this cell as possible. What would you have me do?"

"She's use to her father's absence, but with her mother and brother missing...she needs me." David turned a hard glare on Aeric as he remembered a promise the man once made him. "You told me you would watch them while I was on Romulus. I guess I misunderstood the meaning behind your words... all you did is watch, but you promised to protect."

"Sometimes the best laid plans fail, especially when fighting the Borg and trying keep your vessel in one piece.... I did the best I could to look after them," Aeric replied wistfully as he began to pace once more. "Sevryll and our daughters are going to bring N'Vall home. Sairyn has an entire species and a fleet of ships looking for him, and I doubt that she and Sevryll will let anything get in their way."

David tried to ignore the plural use of the word "daughter" or the pairing of  "our" to that word. Aria was a clone that Aeric had described as his 'child'...he even called Sevryll her 'mother'. Had he used Sevryll to create another clone? Aria had been the source of his hatred for Aeric. He worked his jaw and focused on his own daughter. "I don't want M'rynn to see me in this cell. If it can be arranged, I'd like to visit her on the Arabella."

"I don't know if it's in my power to do that, David. We're in the middle of an operation and we still don't know who can be trusted. If they let you out, even for a brief meeting, you know it will paint a target on your back and M'rynn will be caught in the middle. I'll see if I can get a holo-communicator installed in your cell, to allow you to visit her on the holodeck. I know it's not the same, but at least it's something."

Aeric glanced behind him to see the silent guards standing within earshot. The Lieutenant Commander closed his eyes and reached out with his mind. We both know the reason captured 31 operatives are never brought to trial. How long do you think you have before your people try to silence you? And are you sure that your former employers won't see Sevryll and the kids as a threat or an example to be made after your escape? For their sake, I hope you're not planning anything.
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Joint Post by Jen and Just X

David's expression shifted despite his effort to hide the helplessness he felt. He knew Aeric was right. He was a dead man and he wouldn't be able to flee that outcome, not without risking the lives of his wife and children. He turned back to face Aeric, "I knew you came to poke a stick at me."

Aeric frowned. "I came to see you, hoping that you had a grasp the situation and...I wanted to let you know that I respect what you have done for your family."

The prisoner sneered at his visitor, "I don't need your respect and I've got a firm grasp on what's going on— Once I'm out of the way, you'll have a clear path to Sevryll."

Aeric hesitated a moment before replying. "We are not too different, you and I. We're both duty bound, to a fault. And we both manipulated the truth to get what we want. I kept silent and you took a wife.  I'm involved because I don't want her coming back to a court-martial. And you can rest easy, I haven't been chasing after her—I respect the vows she keeps. I'm just trying to help."

Aeric projected as he spoke aloud, [i ]your death will hurt her and I don't want to see that happen. I'll see if I can find you a way out of this, but if I succeed you can never come back. Make sure that she is in the clear...then distanced yourself from her so that she and the twins can't be used to draw you out again.[/i]

David laughed as he gave his unspoken reply, [i ]you're not going to take down the whole organization.[/i] "And there will be no place safe to shuffle me off to. I'll be hunted down... I'm already dead," he whispered.

"If there is anything I can do, have them contact me."

"Right...they'll be just as cooperative as I have been," replied David sarcastically.

Aeric sighed. I have no choice but to follow this through with this, but my only priority is to ensure your family's safety.

"It's my priority as well," said the Terran through clinched teeth. He didn't like the fact that he and Aeric had common goals.

The Arabella's acting XO nodded then moved to grip his hands behind his back, "The other purpose of my visit has to do with property, which belongs to me, that went missing from the Aurora around the time of your visit last year. It turned up in the hands of another 31 agent recently. Do you have any idea how that happened?"

A slight smile spread over David's face, "The personal cloaking device... Yes. Acquiring the tech from your vessel was an extracurricular mission that I carried out before we set out to rescue Krell. It was supposed to give me the upper hand during my Romulus operation."

"Now someone else has stolen it from you?" Aeric shook his head, "This isn't some phaser than can be easily replicated. It's not even tech that the Federation should have. What did you do with it after you took it? Did you try to copy it?"

David frowned, "No. The techs did. They created a new device for Theran when he joined my mission. With all the impressive telepaths aboard, surely one of you could sense his presence..."

"Yes, I saw the flawed copy, but I was more concerned with the original," Aeric said. "As for the rogue Mr. D'Callan, he hasn't gone anywhere that we didn't want him to go. Our ship is more than just telepaths and things are currently in motion to end this. I just hope that when this is over, everything is will have come to a conclusion. No further lies. No one coming to settle the score...."

"Good luck with that," said David with a smile that didn't quite make it to his eyes. "I'm no telepath, but I don't see any silver linings in your future. Unfortunately, Section 31 doesn't forget and it never forgives. Tread lightly..."

Aeric nodded slowly. "I will and thank you for your time Mr. Locke."

David growled something under his breath and fell back onto his bed.



Joseph felt tired, he was annoyed that he couldnt remember a lot of things, was he that drowsy when he gave the order to allow Theran on board without guards? He was also annoyed that he had let his emotions shine by having a go at Christopher. He turned to look at his fellow patient.

"Hey Galdar, how ya doin' mate?"

Galdar jumped slightly and looked over, "Oh, erm, I'm tired Sir, and you?"

"Been better mate, been better. I've got a lot of thinking to do."

Galdar looked away but his couldn't maintain his disinterest for long. After all, what else was there to do right now. With a glance at the nearest guard he turned to face the Lieutenant Commander again.

Being stuck in sickbay and on house arrest had effectively cut Joseph off from the information flow of the ship. If he was going to get answers, he would need to find a new source of information. Perhaps a Ferengi source. "So ensign, do you know anything else about this red alert?"

Galdar  shrugged but looked concerned. "Not really sir. I think it has to do with your brother coming aboard. The XO did not like the idea of a rogue operative aboard the ship."

D'Callan didn't look at him but cut him off.

"Galdar, I don't know who you met, but it wasn't my brother. He's currently in disguise." Joe said in a voice that held more of an edge to it as he thought back to the encrypted communication.

Galdar noticed the obvious change in Josephs tone.

"So was your brother not here at all."

D'Callan remained still, deep in thought. "He's here, but I couldn't begin to guess where or what he looks like other than an old man."

Galdar sat up.

"He was disguised as an older Hu-mon, Sir?"

Jospeh turned and looked at him "Yes Galdar, he was"

"There was an older human that stole a shuttle with the Lieutenant Andrews, my friend...", his voice hardened suddenly "my friend who shot me in the shoulder. It might be him."

Joseph looked up and reached out and tapped the security panel.

"D'Callan to Captain Quinn. I believe my brother is on a stolen shuttle craft with an accomplice from the Starbase personnel."

Quinn reponded almost straight away. "Thank you Mr. D'Callan."


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Aeric hadn't been back on the Arabella for more than fifteen minutes when his communicator chimed for a second time.

"Oona James to Aeric James," came the sultry voice of his soon to be ex-wife.

"Aeric here," he said and paused briefly in the corridor to access one of the wall controls. Aeric fingers moved over the display as he search for the names of already cleared ship personnel.

"I have transferred the detector to your new shuttle. Rory is installing it now." Oona said softly. "I am also ready to link my sensor information to your ship so that you can track the other vessel."

"Thank you again Oona," he replied. "Is there anything else that I need to know?"

"We've said what we've had to say Aeric, this is about recovering technology that rogue elements of your government shouldn't have.
Your admiral has assured me that recovery will be a priority."

Aeric sighed, "I didn't mean us, but we will get everything sorted out."

"I hope so. Oona James closing channel."

Aeric worked quickly and transmitted a message to Rory. She would need a pilot while she operated the system and the trail was growing colder with each passing minute. Tapping his badge Aeric focused on getting her a pilot.

"Commander James to ensign Galdar. Please report to Secondary shuttlebay and the shuttlecraft Zephyr for additional orders." Aeric said clearing the display screen and moving into the turbolift.

"Sir? Yes, Sir. On my way. Out.", came the disembodied voice of the Ferengi.


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The call for Ensign Galdar pierced the relative quiet of Sickbay. Ryla turned a serious expression to the Ferengi. "I believe that was for you..."

Acknowledging the call, Galdar met her gaze and nodded once as he dropped to his feet. He'd been sitting quietly on the end of the bio-bed since his physical, not wanting to risk the corridors during lock-down with a non-Arabella ID.

"I believe so, Doctor." he said, not completely hiding his surprise. "Assuming this isn't a complex ruse of some sort, I'm guessing my Starfleet career's not as doomed as I'd feared." He flashed her a brief and very toothy grin, which Ryla easily returned.

He moved toward the door but halted quickly at the first breath of air across the new and slightly tender skin of his shoulder. Turning back to Ryla, he grinned again.

"If it's not too much trouble, could I replicate myself a new tunic before I go?"

"Certainly," she said as she led him to the device set in the wall near the lab. "You don't need the old, messy tunic to get a drink on the house for heroic deeds. I'll buy you one myself when you return. What would you prefer? A Blackhole? A Ferengi Starduster? Warp Core Breach?"

"Doctor?", he asked, a little surprised. "Well...I won't decline. I haven't had a proper Starduster in months. Thank you." Facing Ryla, he brought the insides of his wrists together, cupped his hands and bowed slightly in the manner traditional of his people.

Straightening, he turned to the replicator. As a tunic coalesced in front of him, he looked back over his shoulder. "Of course, if this IS some elaborate ruse designed to entrap me for something then my return may be somewhat later than expected."

He turned his back once again, quickly removing his damaged clothing and pulling on the replacement. "You're sure I don't need to keep these?" he asked, with a more relaxed smile. Not waiting for an answer, he returned them to the replicator for reclamation.

The hum of dissolution reverberated around sickbay, as Galdar walked to the door and out to what he hoped was his first formal assignment aboard ship. As he had hoped, the Arabella was turning out to be a MUCH more interesting posting than the station had been

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Theran sat in the back of the shuttle craft and carefully removed his disguise, he still felt weak from the gas that his father had hit him with earlier. Coughing he struggled to get his vocal chords working and his voice to sound natural instead of that of a cackling old man. Andrews turned in the pilot's seat and looked at him, surprised.

"Who...?", he paused and shook his head.

"Well this is going well.", he continued sarcastically, "First the guys with the money get canned by a Ferengi and now the passenger..." His voice tailed off in confusion.

Theran stood up, checking his pockets until he found his cloaking device. It was cracked and the operation beam flickered on and off in a unusual manner. He walked across the floor and looked at the scanner.

"If you are going to fly this thing, may I suggest you stop looking at me and concentrate on getting us the hell out of here?".

"Easy for you to say.", Nick Andrews snapped back. A glare from Theran was enough to turn him back to the panel in front of him.

"Who's paying for this ride is what I want to know." the now ex-starfleet Lieutenant muttered under his breath.

Theran left Andrews at the pilot's seat and began looking at all the sensors, he was looking for his father's ship.

"Damn it. It's still cloaked."

Turning he back he rammed himself into the second seat and glared at Andrews whos attitude began to falter.

"What's the matter traitor, sweat making your driving skills dodgy?"

Andrew glanced at the agent. He didn't know who he was, he'd ended up on board the shuttle with an old man not this intimidating Australian.

"Where's the old man, what did you do to him?"

Theran stood up and smacked him across the face with the back of his hand.

"I'm not concerned with your questions. GET UP!"

Andrews stood slowly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He'd cashed in his career for this idiot and it hadn't been by choice. He'd had enough.

"This was a nicely planned operation until that old man came along and hitched a ride. Why the others agreed to take him is anyone's guess. The three of us were all set and..." Andrews broke off.

As he was speaking, he'd slowly worked his way across the cabin and now, judging his position carefully, he lunged, throwing both fists into the back of the agent's neck. Theran fell into the control panel with a satisfying crunch as he cracked the plexiglass. Lifting his arms again for another blow Andrews advanced. "I've wrecked a perfectly good, if dull, career for you." he shouted.

As the fists swung down, Theran moved and the flesh of the Lietenant's hands crashed into the already damaged screen. Sparks flew, smoke ejected and Theran took advantage.

"You've made my job a lot harder traitor, and the best thing you can do is........"

Theran grabbed Andrews from the panel and lifted him to head height and glided his forehead into Andrews nose, shattering it on impact. The Lieutenant collapsed to the floor, out cold.

Theran dropped into the pilot's seat and his fingers glided over the remaining section of the control panel. He tapped a small glass screen and quickly wrote a message, it was short but meaningfull and it was for his brother. Finishing the message he put the scanning viewer on and saw another shuttle heading in his direction from the Arabella, he pushed his fingers up over the panel and the engines began to roar, but the control panel began to get hotter and hotter.


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The Arabella's secondary Shuttle Bay was a new location to Galdar, evidenced by his reaction as he stepped through the doors.

He stopped, mouth opening involuntarily as he looked at the unfamiliar diamond shaped craft sitting on the deck before him. The first thing that shook him was its size. It didn't look big enough to take more than three or four people so only just qualified for the description as a shuttle. What it lacked in size, however, it seemed to more than make up for in thrusters, engines and control surfaces. There were even a couple of miniature warp nacelles encapsulated in the widest part of the design.

"Different isn't it!" a female voice called from inside the cockpit, interrupting his runaway chain of thought

"Ah...absolutely!", Galdar found his voice. Swiftly, he looked about for signs of concealed security officers.

"I take it that this is the Zephyr?", he called, approaching the ship slowly, paranoia fading. "What class is she?"

"Oh, she's in a class all of her own." came the disembodied response. "Come on up."

Nodding, to himself it seemed, Galdar reached the side of the strange craft and gingerly climbed aboard. "I assume the pilot sits in front?", he asked as he pressed his was through the crammed rear cabin space.

The woman in the copilot's seat, visible at last, straightened and nodded. As he pushed past her and settled into the seat in front, she spoke again.

"That should just about do it. Computer, initiate sensor integration test Rory Alpha three."

"Working", the computer responded in the same voice. Galdar looked round, startled.

"Welcome to the Zephyr, Ensign Galdar. To answer the easier of your questions, this ship started out as a personal project of my father, Commander James. He designed her as a smaller less complicated version of the Aurora. He wanted something that could compete with the Aurora in a race, but at the same time, she had to be something cost efficient. The Zephyr is made up of 90% stock parts and 10% custom parts. It's the reverse for her big sister. We've fitted her with standard controls, a bio-neural receiver, and my favorite, a holographic flight stick system to give the pilot  a more hands-on feel of control. We're still in the testing phase, but she's the only ship that we have to track down the target. I'll work the sensors and provide you with a course."

Galdar ran his hands over the helm console as it came to life, nodding in approval as the panels lit in mostly familiar patterns beneath his fingers. "I take it we're going to do a little flying then?" he asked.

"Flying, she can do in spades." Rory smirked. "It's the lack of major combat systems that we need to be aware of. She's a sports car, not a tank."

"Suits me", he said, nodding in understanding. Training taking over, Galdar rapidly ran the Zephyr through the standard pre-flight systems checks. Some of the responses that flashed past his eyes were...less than standard but they appeared to be well within the expectations of the craft itself. Behind him, he heard the sounds of the rear seat systems initiating as his as yet unnamed copilot closed and sealed the hatch.

Checks complete, Galdar powered the engines of the strange craft and lifted it gingerly from the deck, watching as the space doors glided open in front of them. The long angular nose of the Zephyr dropped slightly as he drove the shuttle forward and the small rectangular starfield expanded rapidly to fill his visual horizons as the ship punched through the protective door field. Eyes rapidly adjusting to the change in light as the floodlit bay dropped away behind them, Galdar slewed the shuttle toward the nearer of the planets and, as the stars wheeled around them, took a deep breath.

"So where are we going?" he asked.

"Adjust heading to this course." Rory smiled to the Ferengi and brought the projected flight path to the HUD. "By the way, I'm Rory."

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Aeric quickly exited the lift as it reached the bridge and moved towards the captain's ready room. The information that Aeric had managed to gather from the ship's computer had confirmed that Quinn was not involved in any wrong doing, but SI had taken their time in reviewing the materials. On his return to the Arabella, they had finally granted Aeric permission to bring the captain in on the existence of the investigation.

Aeric took a deep breath and entered the ready room. "Captain, I'll keep this short. Starfleet Intelligence has been running an operation to see if the crew is compromised by Section 31. I have just received a communication that clears you of any suspicion of harboring sympathies to Section 31 and grants you access to the existence of the investigation."

Aeric closed his eyes briefly then returned their focus upon Quinn. "I have just unlocked a file in the system, SI-14291. It's a detailed log of everything that we have done to this point and the findings."

Quinn took the padd and sat back down at his desk and began to read.

Aeric continued, "SI gathered some information and discovered that two of our officers have family members connected to 31. They were looking into what we knew and why we didn't inform them of the connections. There are two vessels that SI wants us to intercept and suspects they want brought in. This and many of the events happening on the ship was a sting to capture known 31 operatives and draw out any we didn't know. We're coming into the last stretch, but I'll need to coordinate the operation from my wife's ship. There's technology there that we don't have."

Aeric knew that it was a lot to take in, but time was running short.

Quinn looked up into Mr. James anguished face and gave him a quick nod "You have your orders Commander, The Arabella and it's crew is at your command."


Galdar angled the Zephyr in the general direction of Ogus II, revelling in the maneuverability afforded by the small craft. It took a measure of conscious effort on his part not to throw it into an aerobatic display but their was 'a time and a place' and this wasn't it.

As the Tellarite shuttle grew ever closer, Galdar turned his thoughts to the occupants. Andrews and the old man had left the starbase over an hour ago yet here they were, still in sensor range, still within the Ogus system. It didn't make any sense.

A proximity alarm sounded and Galdar, eyes still locked onto the HUD indications before him, threw the shuttle into a looping roll as the stray piece of debris barrelled through the space the Zephyr had just occupied. The deflector may well have handled it but for a rock that size it wasn't guaranteed with a small shuttle like this. Anyway, Galdar admitted with a grin, why let the computers have all the fun!

"She handles well!" he called to Rory as he brought them back on course.

He turned his attention back to Andrews and his passenger and, reaching a decision, he tapped at a pad on his console.

"Galdar to Andrews", he said, quietly.

"Galdar to Lieutenant Andrews." he tried again. Glancing at the console, he continued, "Nick, I know you can hear me, the channel is open and I somehow doubt you're suddenly dead or unconscious. Please respond."

He waited for half a minute, but heard nothing.

"Look Nick, there's no way you can outrun this ship in that bulky old crate, no matter how good it looks." He paused, making another course correction, "I don't know what's going on but it looks to me like it doesn't have too much longer to run. Do us both a favour and pack it in now and I may even forget that you tried to kill me today."

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.