"Amok Time" Spoof

Started by stardustnhs, January 20, 2009, 06:29:08 PM

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I just happened to be flipping through the channels on my television, when I happened across an interesting episode of "Back at the Barnyard," which is featured on Nickelodeon. The title of the episode, "Pig Amok," convinced me that it was a spoof of the Original Series episode, "Time Amok." The font was similar, and the music playing in the background was unmistakeably taken from the opening of the original series (sci-fi sounds plus the ubiquitous singing) :roflmao. The similarities only grew as the episode continued. One of the characters, named Pig, seems to be experiencing large mood swings and begs for love  :love (the pan-far of pigs, no doubt ;D). Pig's friends soon learn of a journey that he must take immediately to find a mate. While entering Pig's homeland, they pass through what looks to be an exact copy of the arch in "City on the Edge of Forever." (I could hardly keep myself from laughing out loud at this spoof on one of the most loved ST episodes) They enter into the "ancestral mud hole" (which looks just like the arena on Vulcan) and are greeted by the matriarch Pig, who is adorned with Vulcan-like jewelry, and has the unmistakable tilted eyebrows. Pig then meets his "wife," who is extremely rude and blunt  :smilie_bleh: . Odis, Pig's best friend, decides that he cannot let his best friend get married to such a shrew, and challenges the wedding. The rules are as such: a "pig off" between Pig and Odis to decide whether or not the marriage will occur. The challenge includes three events, the last of which is a broccoli eating contest. Pig wins by a landslide, being driven by his insatiable want for love. Odis knows that the only way he might be able to make Pig see his bride for what she really is would be to feign death. Odis claims that he is highly allergic to Vitamin K, the main vitamin in broccoli, and then pretends to die. His act works, and makes Pig snap out of his love driven spell and allows him to end the marriage himself. Pig then goes to the matriarch, who says that she grieves for him and then bids him farewell with the words "Live long, and wallow", to which Pig replies "I shall do neither.. for I have induced broccoli poisoning in my best friend." Suddenly, Odis comes back to life, to the surprise and joy of his friends and Pig. In the end, the bride then tries to go after Odis, and the end shot turns to the stars. Up in the sky, a shooting-star like object flies into view and then appears to "go into warp." :vulcan


Sounds pretty cool.  Has it made it to youtube yet? I'd like to check it out.