Moving forward, how do you feel about continuity?

Started by Tyler, January 03, 2009, 02:27:56 PM

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I'm wondering how everyone feels about continuity in new Star Trek films (and hopefully new series) to come. I recognize that I have this bond with TOS because that's how I first came to know and love Star Trek. I always enjoyed TNG, DSS9 and Voyager episodes like "Relics" and "Trials and Tribble-ations" and "Flashback" that paid homage to and helped link the original series with the new stuff.

One of my problems with Enterprise early on was that it didn't seem to fit in the chronology that well (I felt the technology was too advanced for pre-TOS). Now Enterprise started to, in my opinion, really get things right in season 4, and I think it would have been more successful if early episodes had been like that with more connection to the old series. I think the old fan base would have been more loyal to Enterprise if that had been the case from the start.

Anyway, now we've got the new movie coming out, and I don't know how I feel. On the one hand, speaking of "Relics," I don't want to be like Scotty moaning about the past. I realize time goes on and maybe this will just be the first of many reimaginings of Star Trek to come over the years that will keep the franchise healthy. But I am concerned that it will, in essence, start a new timeline that doesn't coexist with the other established Star Trek lore.

I realize that Battlestar Galactica did what I'm worried about here very successfully. I loved the new series from the start. But, let's face it, the old BSG was not TOS, at least not to me.

Your thoughts on this ...


One of my problems with Enterprise early on was that it didn't seem to fit in the chronology that well (I felt the technology was too advanced for pre-TOS).
I feel you on that one.  It is, unfortunately, a problem inherent in trying to give such an old, venerable property "the prequel treatment".  This is the main reason I would have prefered that new Trek take place post TNG.  Effects and tech could be made as slick as they need to be to please the audience without violating continuity.  But I'm guessing that The Powers That Be felt that the TNG-era cast was all used up, and were afraid that an all-new cast of characters wouldn't have the same draw as familiar names.

With that being said, I'm not too concerned with continuity violations.  The inclusion of Nimoy as "TNG-era Spock", plus the Abram's-backed prequel comic coming out this month are both aimed at tying this new film to current continuity.  And as for timelines being altered, well, that kinda goes hand-in-hand with Trek and sci-fi.  The concept has been central to at least 2 of the films, as well as a number of tv episodes. 

Everything that I've seen and read so far seems to indicate that this new film will be true to the spirit of Star Trek. As long as any changes that happen are handled in a manner that doesn't ignore or belittle what came before, I'm tentatively OK with it.


I never have liked the idea of prequel. To me it's stupid to go backwards but surprisingly Enterprise was a fine show for what it was. Unfortunately it did not resonate with the fan base and I think that Paramount, and now CBS, are way out of touch with the fan base or they really do not care what the fans think anymore. In either case the decision to make a prequel movie is as bad as George Lucas's idea of making prequels. I don't know why they think everyone or even anyone cares about what happened before the classic Trek series. It makes no sense.

If anyone does cares there are plenty of books that deal with it and I think it should have been left there. For better or worse we have a prequel and I think there will be some things that adhere to continuity and some things that will fly in the face of it. One thing is for sure is that I think the whole future of Star Trek on film (TV or movies) is riding on this film, and if it's a flop, and the fans hate it, and the public hates it, there will be no more Trek for many many years. Which I'm actually OK with as long as the books continue on because the books have actually been better than anything we have seen on screen in a long long time as far as I'm concerned.

I hope the new film is good and that it may renew interest in Trek enough to spawn a new series but I've pretty much set myself with low expectations, but hoping for the best so I'm not too disappointed if it is a flop.

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I always believed that there should be an episode where the USS Continuity gets pounded on by the a race called the Ri-Tors.


 :roflmao I love it! Got anymore puns up your sleeve?

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I thought of it when I was think about Mr. Atoz in TOS.