New Robot Chicken Star Wars this Sunday!

Started by Bryancd, November 15, 2008, 03:15:51 PM

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Set you DVR's for Sunday night, Cartoon Network Adult Swim, brand new Robot Chicken Star Wars! Looks awesome!

Dan M

Thanks for the reminder.  I'm really looking forward to this.



Season Pass on TIVO still in place - so all set here. I think this might be part of the new show....

Dan M


Was this on in everyone's area last night?  Mine just seemed to be a rerun.


It was on in my area.. they played Episode II then repeated the original one after it. I've watched half of it so far.. I like it better then the original one. :)


OMGosh - the Geico commercial with Jar-Jar !!

My favorites were:
This deal is getting worse all the time,
I've just made a deal...(dinner scene) - repeat but still funny
Last skit after credits,
Anakins happy place


Just had a chance to watch this. AWESOME!!!! I laughed at every scene so much my eye's were tearing! I loved it!!! Certainly better even than the first one.