Well known podcaster, and TechTV Star laid off!

Started by alanp, November 06, 2008, 09:46:26 AM

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As many of you were fans of the former TechTV channel and still follow TWiT and Revision3; one of our friends is now out of a job.  Martin Sargent was once a host of the the Screen Savers, then hosted his own Unscrewed with Martin Sargent before that channel was bought out and destroyed by Comcast.  He started his own podcast called Infected with Martin Sargent which was brought to Revision3 by friend and former Screen Savers cohost Kevin Rose.  The show was turned from audio only or slideshow video to video with hurt the chemistry and appeal of the show.  Revision3 canceled the show and gave Martian 2 new shows, Web Drifter and Internet Superstar.  Web Drifter was a TechTVesk show where Martin visited the people behind bizarre websites, going on Bigfoot and ghost hunts.  Internet Superstar was a combination of an Infected spin off and an interview with Web Celebrities.  Sadly, both shows were canceled last week.


Leo or kevin mentioned on Twit I believe that Martin was still contracting for Revision3, he just wasn't on the books as an employee any longer.


It's kind of weird when I hear news like this and know that there are some podcasters that actually get paid and it's their job (or one of their jobs).  Too bad for those that enjoyed his shows.  Maybe he'll start his own little independent podcast now.


Hey Rico, it's probably more fun when not getting paid.  Once you get paid it becomes a job you have to do vs. one you want to do. :jemhadar