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Star Trek New Voyages: Blood and Fire

Started by Rico, August 31, 2008, 08:09:01 AM

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Quote from: Rico on November 23, 2009, 02:53:28 PM
Chad - watch "World Enough and Time" (think that's the title).  It's another New Voyages/Phase II film with guest star George Takei.  It's one of the best Trek fan films I have seen.  Really a good one.
I finally had a chance to see "World Enough and Time". It was really fantastic to see George Takei playing the role of Sulu again. He may be older now, but I feel that the Sulu character benefitted from his greater level of acting experience. And it was fun to  also Grace Lee Witney doing a cameo as Yoeman (now 1st Officer) Rand!
I also felt that this production was a bit more polished as far as lighting, editing, etc.


Glad you liked it.  It's really a wonderful episode.