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Star Trek Characters For President

Started by moyer777, August 30, 2008, 10:49:55 AM

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Since the Political thread really isn't the place for my latest post, I'm going to repost it here and ask the same question, I think this would be really fun!

I seriously think that Picard would make an excellent president.

Here is why--

First he is a compassionate guy with great leadership skills.
second he is a great diplomat and works well with negotiating.
Third, if he needs to he kicks butt.
Fourth- he's not afraid of strong women, why he even makes cucumber sandwiches for them.

Ok for Vice President, I think Data would be best.

here is what we know--
He is fascinated with humanity and works hard not to kill.
He isn't ruled by his emotions, well at least for some time he wasn't.
He get's along with everyone except for people who want to dismantle him and screw up his posotronic brain.
He has an off switch.

There you go.  That's who I'm voting for.

What star trek characters do you think would be a good president and vice and why?

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Awesome picture!!
I still have a bumper sticker from 1992 that says: "Picard / Riker '92".  Gonna save that one forever.


I'll say Picard/Geordi. He picks up the minority vote and the blind! ;)


Nice thinking Bryan, i say Picard and Troi so then he can use her telepathic powers to find out what the public really want, a bit like Mel (I'm sane you know) Gibson in What Women Want.


I'd say Sarek with Picard as vice president :D
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