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Clone Wars Indy Car!

Started by Bryancd, July 26, 2008, 04:58:19 PM

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Marco Andretti's car. Now that what I'm talking about!  :metallica:


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Cool.   8)  I wonder if there is a scale replica of that for sale out there...

Time to check google.


Found it at StarWarsShop for preorder; just $9.99 @ 1/64 scale.  :)




Cool Idea, to bad it is on such an ugly car  :wacko and under performing driver. They ran an Indiana Jones Indy car earlier in the year, so I guess this makes sense.


That's pretty awesome seeing Star Wars in IRL, I'll have to keep an eye out Marco's car in the upcoming races.

I saw the Indiana Jones movie was advertised earlier this year when I was watching the races.

Oh and Marco has actually been doing a good job this season in the races. I don't think as good as Scott Dixon, but he seems like one of the best racers in Indy Car.


Marco has a long way to go to be anywhere the racer his grandfather was, or "cough..." his father for that matter :blink

He will have a tough time next year when the "Transition" Drivers and Teams fully adapt to the cars and Oval Tracks. I think Graham Rahal has outshone Marco a lot this year, and he is new to all of this.

I saw him race last week in Edmonton. For the most part, he was struggling mid pack. He did not let his teammate by who was on a different fuel strategy, and most likely setup his car up for him, and in the end, ran into his other team mate, spoiling her equally unremarkable day.

If Marco would stop running into people each week, I might agree he is having a good season. But so far he has crashed 5 or 6 times, and took team mates out a few times as well.

With all that said, maybe some Star Wars magic will rub off on him.


Most of the races I've seen he's done pretty well, although I've missed quiet a few because the tv stations doesn't show them regularly enough for us. So must have missed most of those crashes, although I do remember one when you're right he did take out his teammate.

Although truth is Scott Dixon is my favorite driver anywhy, I've just been keeping an eye on Marco.


I think Scott Dixon will win the Championship this year. Team Penske was coming on lately, but Scott has answered it in Edmonton. Scott Dixon seems like a pretty good guy, with a lot of respect for his fellow drivers, which means a lot to me, as a fan coming in from the other side this year.