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Started by wraith1701, June 19, 2008, 04:38:43 PM

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As some of you know, Japan puts out a lot of drama, action, and sci-fi shows aimed at the same type of audiences that shows like E.R., Stargate and BSG are aimed at.  The difference is, a lot of the shows in Japan are made using animation instead of live actors and physical sets.

Unfortunately, many folks here in the west are biased against these shows, thinking that they are just "Kid's cartoons".  While some of these shows are aimed at kids, (just like some "live-action" shows in the west are aimed at kids), many of them are more complex, and aimed at an older audience.  Because of a bias against animated shows, many western sci-fi fans are missing out on some pretty decent shows.

An anime studio in Japan called GONZO has paid for space on Youtube to air episodes of one of their new series called Blassreiter.  Here is what Studio Gonzo says of the show-

"As the dark cloud of apocalypse shadows over the world, stigmatized heroes arise....for reasons yet unknown...

The story takes place in a city in Germany sometime in the near future.
A puzzling incident occurs where a corpse rises up in the form of a strange creature and attacks people.
The appearance of the monstrous undead shakes the nation as horrified people look on the incident as a sign of "the coming of demons."

The city also witnesses the rise of that can incarnate into demons at will. Each and every bearer of this special ability, while being condemned as demons, uses his/her power for different ends...

Some use the power for what they believe as justice.
Some lose themselves in the immensity of their powers and abuse them.
Some use their power to realize their ambitions.
Some use it for the purpose of revenge.

However, all are eventually burdened with the same overpowering fate: to fight in a Battle Royale in which the lives of all "demons" are ultimately jeopardized...

Each uses their powers to survive, and to fulfill their individual purposes.
However, using the special power comes with a price: their human minds gradually begin to debilitate...

An unrelenting and devastating story of young men and women racked with solitude and agony. "

If you think this sounds like it might be interesting, and you don't have a problem with reading subtitles, you might want to check this show out.  I've only seen a couple of episodes, but so far, it looks allright. 

In an attempt to head-off pirating of the episodes via bit-torrent, GONZO is putting up each episode for free on youtube as they air.




Well done, nice blend of CGI and Animation.  Good music, interesting characters.