20 Questions The Star Trek Version

Started by Geekyfanboy, June 13, 2008, 02:43:40 PM

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Dan M

I don't remember him going aboard the ship.


Yeah I'm a big Voyager fan I don't recall him every boarding Voyager. If the question was has he every been on Voyager (meaning the series) then that would be yes.

I did find this...

A quark is a type of subatomic particle which is read out on a starship's sensor readings of subspace particle emissions.

Quarks were among the particles listed in the computer's subspace emission scan read out on the bridge station viewscreens of USS Voyager.

Java The Hut

this thing must be learning :confused, it guessed Exocomps in 26 questions

if you goto http://www.20q.net/ you can play different flavors of 20 questions
you also get a list of questions it asked and how you answered
one think i did notice is if you answer its question with "Unknown" it does no count that question
see below between question 13 and 14.

26.  I am guessing that it is the Exocomps?
25.        Does it give a good first impression? Probably.
24.        Is it of crucial importance to the crew? No.
23.        Is it password protected? Probably.
22.        Is it the envy of every space traveller? No.
21.        Is it habitable? No.
20.        I guessed that it was the U.S.S. Enterprise (Constitution-class)? Wrong.
19.        Does it shine? Probably.
18.        Can it be turned off? Yes.
17.        Is it an anomaly? No.
16.        Would it feel out of place on Earth? Irrelevant.
15.        Does it practice special rituals? No.
14.        Is it well-designed? Yes.
        Has it ever encountered the Borg? Unknown.
13.        Does it understand more than three languages? Probably.
12.        Is it ranked higher than a Lieutenant? Irrelevant.
11.        Is it one of a kind? No.
10.        Is it larger than the Enterprise? No.
9.        Does it make others laugh? No.
8.        Is it in the United Federation of Planets? Irrelevant.
7.        Is it involved in a romance with a crewmate? No.
6.        Is it friendly? Yes.
5.        Has it ever been beamed aboard the Enterprise? No.
4.        Does it prefer to work alone? Irrelevant.
3.        Has Picard seen it? Yes.
2.        Is it human? No.
1.        It is classified as Sentient Being.

all in all very cool !
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It took 17 questions to gues Species 8472
And 24 questions to figure out The Nexus.
You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"

Dan M

I wonder when the toy will hit the shelves.  I think it'll be a good gift for a few friends.

Dan M


I selected the visor Spock wore in one episode.

It didn't get it.

Is it bigger than a tribble?

Andre Norton does it better than J.K.Rowling


Quote from: psikeyhackr on May 17, 2009, 08:35:00 PM
I selected the visor Spock wore in one episode.

It didn't get it.

Is it bigger than a tribble?