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Started by KingIsaacLinksr, June 05, 2008, 11:20:40 AM

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my very first job was a little corner grocery store.  I'm dating myself here, but I remember when candy bars were bigger, and only cost 15 to 25 cents.   I was able to sell ciggarettes and gas was only around 65 cents a gallon! 

Those were the days. 

Of course I only made $1.50 an hour.  :)

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Good for you Tim. Like Meds said it's better to have a job while you look for a better one. But you can learn valuable lessons working in job like that. I know I did.  I worked at a pet store for almost two years as my first job. Cleaning dog doo and bird doo wasn't too fun, but I got to play with puppies and kittens and I learned A LOT about different breeds. I left the job when I transferred to another college 70 miles away. I think I had 9 different employers within the 4 years I was in college. I left them all on my own accord for better pay, but some of those I worked simultaneously as I went to school full-time:

a pet store
a bridal shop
Esprit (women's clothing)
Banana Republic
Tanner women's apparel

A local sign shop as a typesetter
A fountain company as a bronze sculptor
An art gallery assistant
A professor's assistant teaching students metalsmithing techniques (welding, casting, soldering)

Graphic design sprinkled in between

I learned something valuable from each place, whether I liked the job or not. They all had a hand in building a little of my character.

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Jen, you got me to thinking about all the jobs I have done... let's see here...

Corner Grocery Clerk
JC Penney's- Electronics and Sporting Goods
KGHO Radio Oldies Station DJ
Clean Up guy at a Pulp Mill (Summer Help)
Market Place Health Food Store
KGHO program Director/Station Manager- 10 years
Union Gospel Mission -Director of Development
Internet Sales and Web development- Graphics Designer
Christian Life Fellowship- Pastor- 10 years


Everybody's working for the weekend.....

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I like this..here is what I have done over the years...

Paper boy
Del Taco Employee (Fast Food)
Video Store clerk
Mervyn's Employee (Department store)
Production Assistant (The Dating Game)
Production Assistant (The Donny and Marie Show Pilots)
Production Assistant (Famous Families TV series)
Jr. Assistant Editor (A&E Biographies)
Assistant Editor (A&E Biographies, History vs Hollywood, Backstories and various Animal Planet programs)
Jr. Editor (A&E Biographies, History vs Hollywood, and Backstories)
Post Production Supervisor (TV Series - Monster Nation, Open Bar, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Curl Girls, First Class All The Way, Big Medicine and now currently America's Toughest Jobs.)


Man I got nothing on you guys.

McDonald's employee
Office monkey (photocopies, data entry etc)
Junior Export Project Coordinator (same company as above)
Web developer for my buddy's consulting firm
Coldfusion developer/team lead at a small startup (worst job I've ever had)
Intermediate/Senior web developer at my current employer

Now looking to move into a position as a "Business Systems Analyst"


lol   :offtopic 

just kidding :) :) ;)  ;)

Very interesting.  :)

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I didn't list the jobs I've had after college. :D

Art director for web company for 6 years
free lance designer for 2
Marketing/Graphic Design for a waterpark chain for 3 years

We should have another thread to list all the junk cars we've owned! I've almost owned as many vehicles a I've had jobs!
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I have not had very many jobs in the past, I tend to stay where I am for quite awhile.

1st Job - Working at a Meat Cutting Store cleaning up
2nd Job - Worked at a hardware store, doing sales and shipping and receiving.
3rd Job - After I finished College I worked for a year at a school in a small town in the north of our province as Tech Support person
4th Job - Present Employer - Started as Deskside Tech, them moved into doing Lotus Notes server support, then moved to an Oracle DBS (hated it) and now I do web hosting and server application support for a bunch of different apps.


Well here's my list (i've also included none paying jobs)

1st. Sunday morning milkman (got £5 a morning)
2nd. Saturday Sales Assistant at Woolworths
3rd. Airplane food prep at Birmingham airport. (Lasted 2 hours and was sent home with serious D&V, I'd been on holiday to Rhodes and started my new job the next day, going from amazing hot days to a refrigeration unit took its toll on my body. I never went back and they had to let me go because i ended up with salmonella poisoning and once you get that i couldn't work near food)
4th (And Present) Automatic saw Engineer for Thor.
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