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Author Topic: New Star Trek DVD Fan Collection  (Read 653 times)

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New Star Trek DVD Fan Collection
« on: June 02, 2008, 05:36:35 PM »

Well, now we get another compilation... cool!


Exclusive Details on Alternate Realities Fan Collective DVD set June 2, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD, Trek Franchise , trackback

TrekMovie.com has got new details on the September release of the sixth Fan Collective DVD set: “Star Trek Fan Collective: Alternate Realities,” which we first reported on last week. We have the full list of twenty ‘alternate reality’ episodes, pricing, box art and details on a free action figure give-away promotion for the set.

Episode list
As expected, the Mirror Universe, is a key element of the Alternate Realities Fan Collective, making up six out of the twenty episodes (which actually leaves out some of the Mirror DS9 episodes). In addition there are two ‘parallel dimension,’ four ‘twisted realities,’ and eight ‘alternative lives’ episodes. Each of the five Trek series has four episodes in the set.

Disc 1:
Mirror Universe   

Mirror, Mirror - TOS   
Crossover - DS9   
Through The Looking Glass - DS9   
Shattered Mirror - DS9   
Disc 2
Mirror Universe 

In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1) - ENT   
In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2) - ENT 
Parallel Dimensions   

The Alternative Factor - TOS   
Parallels - TNG   
Disc 3
Twisted Realities 

The Enemy Within - TOS   
Turnabout Intruder - TOS   
Frame of Mind - TNG   
Shattered   - VOY   
Disc 4
Alternate Lives 

Yesterday’s Enterprise - TNG   
The Inner Light - TNG   
The Visitor - DS9   
Before And After - VOY   
Disc 5
Alternate Lives 

Timeless - VOY   
Course: Oblivion - VOY   
E2 - ENT   
Twilight - ENT
Special features
The set will also contain a number of special features (both text and video), but details are not yet available.

Price: $42.99 (US) / $47.99 (Canada)

Street Date: September 16, 2008

Special free Geordi figure offer
According to CBS the initial shipments for the set will include an exclusive “Geordi figure offer from Diamond Select Toys.” You will be required to send in an insert along with shipping and handling charges to get your free figure. The only details so far is that it is a new exclusive figure of Geordi LaForge. A good guess would be that it would be “Captain LaForge” from the Voyager episode “Timeless” featured on Disk 5, but for now neither CBS nor Diamond Select will confirm this. This will actually be the second action figure promotion for a Fan Collective. In 2006 the “Q” set had a “Tapestry” Picard (in blue outfit).

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Re: New Star Trek DVD Fan Collection
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2008, 10:13:15 PM »
This looks like a pretty cool set; thanks for the heads-up! 


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