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I must be the main trekie at work.

Started by alanp, August 17, 2011, 07:37:43 PM

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I don't know why I'm writing this, thought you might find it amusing.

I never really felt like I was a really extreme hardcore trekie.  I stayed up late as a kid and watched the TV shows and later bought the DVDs.  I put the models together as a kid.  Once wrote Shattner and Nemoy and got canned responses.  I've never been to a convention, bought a uniform, went to the Las Vegas attraction, or really dove all the way in; other than enjoying the shows.  I felt like a pseudo trekie.  I never hid it, but to me it was mainly a TV show with excellent stories and well constructed characters.

The guy who sits in the cubical next to me saw several TNG episodes as a kid and decided to watch the series, including several at work. (we do tech support via chat)  we were talking about how to spot a bad TNG episode when he showed me his phone for a moment.  Just like a second and a half.  He was streaming a TNG episode and I recognized Riker dancing with Minuet on the holodeck.  So I said, "Oh that's 11001001."  Because I remembered she was the hologram distracting Riker from the aliens.  So the look on his face when he checked and I could identify a 1987 episode from a glance was of shock and of odd amazement.  I only remembered the episode title because they had the 010 names.  They kept trying to stump me at work with what they thought were hard trivia questions and it was easy stuff we all know.  Like who was the federation at war with in Deep Space Nine, How many brothers did Data have, who was the TNG computer voice, etc.  They came to the conclusion that I am the trekiest guy in the office of several thousand technical people, which I doubt.  I did tell him to check out this forum and the podcast.  Hopefully he will.



Quote from: Bryancd on August 17, 2011, 07:41:32 PM

Welcome home!!! :)

Thanks.  I got no problem being a nerd.  I was mainly surprised I would stand out in an office full of geeks.  We've got everybody, hackers, people who play Magic and Dungeons and Dragons, people who have to spend all their disposable cash on every new bleeding edge video card or video game, etc.  I was just surprised I stood out for something!


Just being a steady watcher of Trek TV shows I feel is certainly a Trekkie - to a degree.  You don't have to dress up in a Starfleet uniform for jury duty to be a crazy Trek fan.  I remember years ago when I was first dating Lynn, her father really liked TOS.  I would be over at their house and he would have a classic Trek episode on TV in syndication and I could say the dialogue before they spoke it on screen.  I think that helped me win the favor of Lynn's dad - who is not a geek at all (he's a big car and race guy), but he did like Trek.  You can be surprised by how many people out there really do enjoy Star Trek.