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Star Trek: Season 7 - Masquerade

Started by Geekyfanboy, April 13, 2008, 05:35:03 PM

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Margon, Doctor Peterson and Lieutenant Witko arrived at the coordinates to be beamed up to " The Courage of Tiberius" by dawn. It had been an extremely hot and humid night and their uniforms were stained with the accumulation of days of sweat.

Little flies and bugs swarmed around them attracted by the dripping sweat falling from their heads. The team looked worn and exhausted. Lieutenant Witko pain could be seen plainly on his face, as his nose had by this time swollen to the size of a large grapefruit and would need surgery once they had returned to the Arabella.

" It wont be long now Lieutenant before we will be able to look after that nose of yours" Peterson said.. The Lieutenant nodded with a weak smile in response to the doctors words.

Casey had gone over the mission in his mind and was thankful that nobody in his group and suffered any fatalities. He did not like to end a mission Prematurely but did not want to expose the Lieutenant to any further risk of injury. Furthermore, Doctor Peterson did not want to risk losing their alien device; or getting the information of one of the Archaeologists death back to the ship.

As ,the Doctor, continued to go over the mission in his mind, the team became engulfed in a gold shimmerring field that began to disassemble their molecules one by one. The doctors thoughts were halted mid thought only to be continued as his molecules began to reassembled one by one on shuttle.

Peterson continued to go over the mission in his mind and mused that although it was not a total success it was not a failure either. They had managed to help bring an a child into this alien world safely without Breaking the Prime Directive. They had recovered an alien device called " The Regulator" which might hold other information that might lead to the discovery of the other Archaeologists, and they had confirmation that one of the Scientists was dead...


Joint post by Jen and Just X:

With the help of Ensign Farmer's pheromones, Belle told Commander Sevryll that Captain Kirk discovered her during the Enterprise's first, five-year mission. Her life had been artificially prolonged. In actuality, she was hundreds of years old and from a planet identical to Earth. The life prolonging process that had preserved the children of her world—killed the adults who underwent the same treatment—leaving the young to fend for themselves. She described how two Starfleet officers, who had once served aboard Kirk's Enterprise, came back and adopted her. The girl's face stretched into a wistful smile as she spoke of them.  They were scientists, and their stories of new life and new civilizations, promoted her to follow in their footsteps and study anthropology.

After examining Belle, Sevryll determined that her condition was deteriorating. The 'girl' had been suffering from dementia—it was unclear for how long, but the damage was irrevocable.  Science had only prolonged the inevitable. Despite her youthful appearance, it seemed that time had finally caught up with Belle, and had begun to chip away at her aged mind.

The change in Belle's condition may have been too subtle for the doctors to detect, before she was cleared for her assignment.  Did her colleagues become aware of her illness? Did Belle have something to do with their disappearance?  These answers were not forth coming, but not because Belle would not volunteer them. More accurately, her mind failed to recall them for her memory had been affected as well.

The scientists they sought, might as well have been Starfleet Intelligence. It was likely only a handful of higher-ups knew for certain who the anthropologists were, or where they were stationed.  The Federation's failure to include the scientists' records in the information given to Captain Quinn, was due in part to the security measures set in place to protect Ter'Oss. Those records were likely 'misplaced' not only for the sake of the planet's security, but to protect the anthropologist upon their return from their mission. It would simply be too easy for felonious individuals to track down and exploit the planet, if they could enlist one of the scientists to aid them.

Ter'Oss and other pre-warp civilizations were guarded like precious gems. They were kept safe from those who sought to profit from the resources of their naive populations.  Ironically, the Scientific branch's effort to protect the Ter'Ossick, had instead contaminated their culture  and would likely bring about a premature Renaissance during the civilization's Dark Ages.

Once the Arabella had accomplished it's mission, the Federation would no doubt send a "clean-up" crew, in an attempt to rectify the situation.

"Ensign James, relay a message to the Arabella and the Courage of Tiberius. Tell them we have located and detained one of the missing scientists and have pinpointed the location of a another." Said Sevryll. She glanced to the magician, and back to Aria, "and make sure that our friend has no memory of us, or Belle." 

The Commander then moved into the next cabin, where K'Tan stole a quick nap. She cleared her throat to wake him. "Mr. K'Tan, prepare a small team to recover Dr. Era-Khellen. According to Belle, her colleague is being detained at a fortress in the Witherwind Province, located 6.437 kilometers north of our current position. Her captor is a telepathic Blate. I am uncertain how covert your operation will be because of this. Caution, as always, should be observed. But I am certain that you do not require this reminder."
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Joint Post by Jen and Just X

Aeric sat at the controls of the Aurora and watched the last of his team enter the runabout below him. Everything was proceeding smoothly, until the ship's sensor abruptly flared into full operations.

"Sir," Dunn said from the secondary console. "I don't know how to explain it, but we suddenly have sensors and transporters online!"

Aeric nodded. "I'm getting an incoming transmission from Aria. They've  found another scientist. Open communications with the Arabella and relay the sudden change in the mission. See if they can help with the final extractions."

"I'm on it sir." Dunn said and hailed the Arabella. "Ensign Dunn to Arabella. We have sensors and transporters operational. Request emergency transport of all non-native equipment and personnel from the surface."

"Aurora, this is the Arabella, we have confirmed your data and relayed the request to Captain Quinn."

Aeric smiled at the break that they were finally being given as he then shared the information with Aria, who was still on the surface.

Ensign James opened her eyes and turned to her mother, "It seems that the Arabella has temporarily solved our transport issue. They don't know how long the window will hold, so they are targeting anyone or anything not native to the planet."

Sevryll nodded, "tell them to search for Denoblian bio signs. They should be focused 6.437 kilometers north of our current position."

From his station aboard the Arabella, Lieutenant Zremm verified that the technology he adjusted to enhance their transporter capabilities, was ready. Captain Quinn tugged at his tunic and ordered the ensign at ops, to open a hailing frequency. "Aurora, pattern probes are in place and standing by. Ready when you are," he said.

Ensign Dunn relayed the message from the Captain to his team leader. "Arabella is waiting on a reply, sir."

"Commander James, begin transport. Also be advised that there is a Denoblian north of Alpha team that needs to be retrieved."

"Understood, Aurora," said Captain Quinn. "you heard the man, Mr. Zremm."

"Aye, sir. I'm sweeping that area now." The Andorian's antenna flattened as his expression transitioned to reflect his stubborn determination. After a moment they pivoted forward. He lifted his face from his console and glanced toward Captain Quinn. "I've located one Denoblian female. Sensors indicate that she's scaling a wall. I'm picking up five pursuers...I believe she's attempting to escape a compound sir."

"Have Mr. Frep beam all foreign technology aboard, including our Denoblian friend," replied Quinn as he slowly stood from his chair.

The comm squawked again, "Arabella, this is the Shadowfax, we're coming home," said Chief Grant as the runabout lifted off. As the ship rotated, she could see the magician still sleeping against the tree they left him under. Aria had given him with four months worth of substitute memories. He would not recall Belle, or his experience aboard the Shadowfax and could resume his life as though he had never encountered any of them.

Aboard Arabella, transporter room one was soon filled with an array of scientific equipment that was previously scattered all over the planet. In the middle of it all was one very confused Ter'Ossick female. Her body, still in a climbing position, stumbled into the piles of gadgetry as her form solidified on the pad. Chief Frep's smile spread, "Welcome aboard, ma'am."

It seemed their mission was accomplished. All they had to do now was give their report to Starfleet and stand back to let 'damage control' swoop in to tidy up. Sevryll leaned back in her seat aboard the Shadowfax and glanced to Belle, who was sleeping soundly in an axillary chair. Belle's future was unknown, but what the commander was certain of was that the scientist's career was over.

A shimmer of light on the Arabella's bridge caught Ensign Thorne's peripheral vision, causing him to turn his gaze from his Op's console. A veil of shock passed of his face as his eyes focused on the now empty command chair. Thorne stood as Lieutenant Zremm stepped down from his station, "Computer, locate Captain Quinn!" shouted the Andorian.

"Captain Quinn is no longer aboard the Arabella," Came the cool, impassive voice of the ship's computer.

To be continued.....

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Season Eight will begin August 12th or 13th of 2008. Stay tuned for more on the Ready Room Microcast, and in the Season Eight OOC thread.
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