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Started by spock, November 29, 2005, 07:55:56 AM

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I kno ur first learning about ur mixer Rico but when i listened to #13 the background music was quite annoying. You should use music as a transition along with the sound effects. This is what I heard other podcasts use. It kinda takes away from the content.
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It's a learning curve right now.  I listen to many Podcasts and some have music in the background the entire show.  I will find a happy medium.


Hey Rico.. I actually enjoyed the music in the background... Thanks


I think it can work.  It's just a matter of picking the right piece of music and setting the volume down enough so it doesn't overpower my voice.  Trouble with most music is there are occasional louder parts in any piece.  If I lower the volume enough to take those into account, you would never hear the rest.  I'm trying to find some quieter stuff to use.  May look into more of the free Podsafe music on the net.  Some fun stuff out there.


Music needs to be less you might say active (less cymbals and fanfares etc) and it needs to be quieter.
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I think that he music was great. Just maybe turn it down a tad. That would make it even better!
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