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V The Second Generation

Started by Geekyfanboy, March 21, 2008, 08:41:18 AM

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Johnson Pitches New V Movie

Kenneth Johnson, creator of the cult 1983 SF miniseries V, told SCI FI Wire that he hopes to develop a new movie based on his sequel novel V: The Second Generation.

The novel, from Tor Books, is a sequel to the miniseries, in which reptilian aliens took over Earth and a human resistance formed to fight their oppression. The Second Generation picks up the story 20 years later, after the Visitors have drained the Earth's oceans and subjugated its residents.

"A number of the major studios have approached me, very interested, about turning it into a movie," Johnson said in an interview. "We're exploring all of those possibilities. Certainly the fact that the second generation novel is currently in bookstores has had an impact on people who are interested in V as a movie, because it not only indicates there's an audience for more V, ... it's [also] lovely to be able to place a hardcover novel on a desk of a studio executive. That has its own weight." Johnson offered no details about the movie talks.

Johnson said that he's aware of V's international audience and that he receives e-mails from fans from the Middle East, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Africa and elsewhere. "I have two 4-inch binders completely filled, and those are just the ones I've printed up," he said. "If I'd printed all I received I'd have about 10 such binders."

Johnson said that he's currently developing various other film projects, as well as a new novel. In the meantime, Johnson does regular book signings, some with original cast members. "I was particularly privileged to have Diane Cary, who created the role of Harmony in the original miniseries, to step back into the role once again," Johnson said. "It was a real treat for everybody."

Johnson added: "The feedback that I've gotten from fans has been extraordinarily positive. I must say that almost every [comment] I've gotten has wonderful things to say about the novel. And that's very, very rewarding. I'm pleased the book sales are going quite well. That's naturally what every author wants to hear." --Frank Garcia