"Primeval" tv series

Started by Rico, October 26, 2008, 10:29:50 AM

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Is anyone watching this show?  I have a couple episodes recorded on my TIVO from BBC America.  Is it worth watching?  Meds or other UK folks - have you tried it?


I've watched it from the begining and it's pretty good.  I like the premise.  I don't want to spoil it for you, but I think it's worth watching.  Give it a chance.  It couldn't hurt.


I love the show, it's pure cheese and great fun.
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I have watched this series which was a six part series earlier in the year, as a side note it has hanna from the now defunked group S Club & in it, I really enjoyed what I have seen of it, Does it have a season 2?


Looks like there were 13 total episodes - two seasons.  Not sure where we are with it on BBC America.  I'll give it a go.



Season 4 has just started airing, is anyone else watching?


I don't think I've mentioned it here before but over the last year or so I've watched my way through most of this series via streaming services and Watch have just aired season 5 and have now shown the Canadian spin-off 'Primeval: New World' series which I'm about half way through.

I went into this rather cynically since I'm obviously some sort of BBC snob and this was an independent show but by the end of series 1 I was well and truely sold. It's quirky and funny in places and some of the character were very unlikely heroes but the occasional look into the impact of time travel was interesting and the dino-hunting just plain fun.

I miss the characters and would love to see a season 6 so expected to hate the new spin-off but, half way through that series, I have to say I'm as adicted to that as I was to the original. Niall Matter (Eureka) stars and in the most recent epsiode I've seen we also got a dose of Colin Furguson which worked reasonably well.

This show is more serious and it may have been more graphic on the injury front except that the version I'm watching was a 7am broadcast and looks to have been edited a bit.

It's a good franchise in my view so it's a shame that both versions have been canned (although the UK original is officially still on hiatus I believe).

(Sorry to resurrect a thread from years ago but as we already have one I don't see the point in starting a new one.)

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