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Started by ElfManDan, February 23, 2008, 10:48:15 PM

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I love the new Who and Torchwood.. I just started watching the second season of Torchwood and I'm loving it. Can't wait for the new Who.


Still in two minds about Torchwood. the second season (series) is a lot better than the first. And last weeks episode with Martha Jones was pretty good (NO SPOILERS) but if you are a classic WHO fan or know anything about it you will be so happy who Martha works for, The Five Doctors is a brilliant episode and it is coming out on a special edition DVD in March (03/03/08 in the UK, not sure about region 1 release date) and that is so exciting. For me i really like the new series (Kenny you already know my views on Rose ha ha) as it always good to have Who back on the screens but for my classic Who is always so exciting. Especially episodes from the early years, Hartnell although a grumpy old man to start with mellows when he travels with his new companions and there is a sense of mystery when you see the black and white episodes (mainly because you can't see the glue on the monsters ha ha), a bit like the first Twilight Zones, or Outer Limits.