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Character's Name: Rosemarie Michelle Myers
Rank: Ensign
Field: Engineering


Born: 2357
Place Of Birth: Earth
Gender: Female
Species Of Origin: Human/Borg (highly altered)
Hair: Brown/Shoulder Length
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5.6 ft
Weight: 200 Ib. (Due to metals left from Borgification)
Skin Tone: White
Telepathic and Empathic Status: No Natural/Deactivated Borg Communication Nodes
Body: Slim/Borgified implants across much of her body
Face: One Borg eye piece (on the left side)
Marital Stats: Single
Children: None
Habits: Often distracted in thought,
Quarters: Decorated with arts, family items, and everything soft and pretty.
Likes: Art, Music, Machines
Dislikes: Disorganization
Ambitions and Goals: (Previously: To better herself) None currently; dealing with Borgification.
Temperament: Happy usually, rarely angry
Hobbies: Violin, Fine Arts, Mechanics

Mother: Kayla Myers
Father: Jeffery Myers
Siblings: Kevin Myers

Character History
Rosemaria Michelle Myers was born in the year 2357. She comes from an Earth family. Her parents both in Starfleet, they are ship designers. She and her brother grew up around machines and had an early understanding and skill in mechanics. She was very talented in more then just mechanics, she indulged herself in art and music. She was the pride a joy of her family. Her family loved her very much. Her older brother Kevin joined Starfleet and later become chief engineer on the ship he serves aboard. She joined like the rest of her family and became part of the Arabella crew as an engineer when it first set off. In the Borg attack on the ship she was assimilated.

She never became a real part of the collective, but much of the mechanics remained in her body, due to a genetic defect. Her bodies genetics are to fragile and the borg parts that have taken over her system can't be removed all at once or she would die. There is no capable donor, her families genetics are slightly different enough they aren't capable of helping. So for her a slow process begins that could take years to return her to normal human functionality. She didn't retain any of the borg advantages either, she is no stronger and no better then anyone else. She is conflicted work her human parts with her borg parts together. She has no knowledge of working the borg parts from when she was assimilated and is unable to coop properly. More then not she struggles to do some of the simplest of actions. (Though time will help her to live more normally with the borg mechanics.)