Ensign Jacob (Jack) Maddock- Engineering

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Character's Name: -Jacob E. Maddock (Jack)

Rank: Ensign
Field: Engineering
Born: 27 years old
Place Of Birth: New Berlin, Luna
Gender: Male
Species Of Origin: Human
Hair: Medium Length / Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'9"
Skin Tone: Light/Pale
Telepathic and Empathic Status: None
Body: Strong medium build
Face : Analytical and stoic
Marital Stats: Single
Children: None
Habits: Carrying work home. Staying till the job is done.
Quarters: cluttered with electronics. Some projects intact, but mostly just parts strewn about.
Likes: working as an engineering officer for the federation.
Dislikes: wasting time, inefficiency
Fears: death and failure
Ambitions and Goals: become a chief engineer, and later an engineering professor at starfleet
Temperament: level headed, slow to anger, and steadfast in his conviction
Hobbies: research a development, including Nunian Sung positronic networks and shipboard AIs

Mother : Jessica Dunkirk-Maddock works at (Dunkirk AI Constructs)
Father: Richard Maddock is a wholesale tech merchant
Siblings: Franklin Maddock works alongside his father in the tech trade. Tania Maddock is a staff physician serving star fleet on earth.

Jack Maddock was born in New Berlin, to a family that was deeply entrenched in the technological industry. At the age of seven his fate as a tech head was sealed when his parents started teaching him all they new of science and technology. A short time later, he abandoned his bicycle for a hydrospanner and tricorder. All career opportunities were offered to him from the New Berlin school system.  However, the training provided by his parents enticed him so greatly, he never strayed from engineering. He excelled through grammar and high school. He did so well in his classes he finished two years early. Just after graduation at the age of 16, he joined his father's privatized tech merchant business. He spent two years there, dealing and haggling with clients. This taught him devastatingly important lesson. Some people in human society were equally low and greedy as the Ferengi.

At the age of 18 Jack joined the united federation of planets in order to serve humanity in the most effective way he knew how. In the federation, he knew he could help people and not be troubled with whole sale costs, interest rates, or treasonous business rivals. With extensive knowledge in technology, he was able to join starfleet's enlisted crew with minimal training. He was overjoyed to find his first post was aboard Star base 375. For three years Jack toiled and honed his skills on the bottom rung of various work crews. He loved his work, but he wanted something more. As an enlisted man the best he could hope to become is a non-commissioned officer. He wanted  to run a crew of his own. He wanted to lead people and to prioritize his own work schedule.

Three years later, and after his third attempt, Jack was finally excepted into the academy. He had the technical skills to fix anything, just not the ability to command people to do the same. The academy remedied that problem, and then some. He learned a lot that next year about being in command. He also spent most of his off time running his own experiments. And by the time he graduated, he was entranced with Nunian Sung and the quest for making new positronic network a reality. A passion that followed him throughout his later career.

As an officer, Jack's first post was on U.S.S. Sutherland (NCC-72015). Aboard the Sutherland, he was in command of three repair crews, and chair head under the chief engineer. During the four years in the position he held the best record for a repair crew aboard.  As the Sutherland systems aged, so did its directives. Its missions gradually changed from exploration and border defense to escort assignments and diplomatic envoys. Jack noticed this decrease in activity and despite his excellent performance, he requested a transfer. It was granted, and with in the next month he was assigned to the U.S.S Arabella.


Jack yelled as he tore through his house in New Berlin. His two weeks of R and R following graduation from the academy was up. He had only three minutes before he became A.W.O.L., before  his career as an officer had even began. It was just enough time to gather his things and step onto the transporter pad,  and beam aboard the transport. If he failed, he would be the laughing stock of all ensigns in his class. Worse than any humiliation, any future commanding officer would find AWOL as the heading to his dossier. It would be a crippling blow against him and his future career.

"Where is my case? Its around here. I know it." he whispered to himself

Traveling through his home was not as much a skill as it was an art form. The son of a tech merchant and an AI technician, Jack was blind to the piles of tools and projects abandoned through out the house. Stacks of replicators, boxes of self sealing stem bolts, even once a sonic shower would litter his house. Immaculate though, all that junk would be sparkling as if it were new. His friends had no idea how he was able to pull off the feat, but it was true. Jack could drop his rations anywhere and feel safe picking it up and finishing. It was paradise for a tinkerer like him. During this shore leave the clutter had only doubled or tripled with his new research thrown in the mix. it was so bad that avenues would routinely have to carved through each room to allow passage.

"It is now or never. I'll just have to sent for my luggage later" Jack knew time was up!

He hurtled over a waist high stack of salvaged Cardasian replicators. In one hand slung a pack over his shoulder, and in the other he delicately lifted his prototype. The prototype was a primitive positronic network he had been constructing and testing for the past year at the academy. He cradled the precious brain case in the crook of his arm and began sprinting down the impromptu corridors. It was early morning, and light was starting to flood into the house. It it bounced and reflected off of every surface, broadcasting amazing hues and shapes through the entire house. It turned every room into a massive kaleidoscope. Jack ran faster than he ever had before. He jumped and dodged stacks of equipment. All the while with the brain case nestled in his arm. He looked like a running back from an ancient earth game evading all enemies and forging new ground for his team. The transporter was there, just in his grasp. It was time. The communicator on his chest crackled to life.

"Ensign Maddock? Sir, are you ready to come aboard?" The transporter chief inquired.

"Yes chief " Jack said confidently.

Jack slapped the control panel he dove into the transporter alcove. He slammed to the ground and slid to halt against the back wall. He rolled over, and while lying prone he held the brain case in the air he released a laugh of triumph. Just then, he felt the transporters permeating energy snap and swirl throughout him.