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Started by Geekyfanboy, January 15, 2008, 12:34:19 PM

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Congrats Jen.. you passed the 2000 post mark.. you're our first geeky girl to do so. It's pretty amazing.. you were at 1997 a day ago and now you're at 2016.  :cheers

Wish we had more geeky girls like you.  :cheering

Keep up all great work and thank you so much for helping out with the RPG game.. couldn't do it with you.

:cheers Here's to another 2000 posts.


Thanks Kenny. I didn't even notice that I surpassed 1997! I guess I'm a postaholic. Maybe we should start a support group thread.  :D
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Yay Jen!  Yay!  Yay! 

Woot!  :cheers :thumbsup :thumbsup

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Congrats, Jen; here's to 2000+ more!  :cheers  Your guidance and suggestions on the forum RPG have been invaluable; thanks for making this the most well-run, satisfying and enjoyable RPG that I've ever had the pleasure of participating in!


Congrats Jen! Kenny is right, we need to have more girls like you.



Jen, you are not only fun, but very cool too.   It is a joy to be friends with you!  CONGRATS!


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Way to go Jen! It takes a lot of commitment and the gift of gab to reach that goal but you did it! lol

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Congrats Jen and thanks for all you add to the Forums


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Congratulations Jen....thanks for all you do around here.

And yes, while sincere, this post is also a ploy to get me one closer to a 1000 for me  ;D

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