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Started by Blackride, January 06, 2008, 11:01:11 AM

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 Talking with Entertainment Weekly, "Lost" actor Matthew Fox revealed a few revealing details about what to expect for the mystery drama's upcoming fourth season beginning January 31st.

Originally slated to be sixteen episodes, the show has been truncated to just eight due to the writer's strike. So what will happen to the other eight? "We're not sure if we're going to come back and do more this [season]. The audience only getting eight would really be a bummer. But I'm optimistic."

Much of the season will be dealing with the repercussions of last year's season finale - most notably the 'flash forward' in which we saw Jack and Kate getting off the island. Does this mean others get off as well?

"That's the question for the first part of this year, for sure. Jack gets people off that island, [and] suddenly he and the other people are very well-known -- it becomes this massive story because everybody thought that every person on this plane was lost.... Who are they? What is everybody else doing? Jack's mission was to get all of them off. It's the overriding force behind him. So, the fact that he ends up getting off and doesn't get that accomplished -- I'm very curious to find out how that all goes down. And part of that is going to be part of the reason why he wanted to jump off the bridge in the future" says Fox.

This season supposedly deals with time travel and other supernatural elements - "Last year, we find out Jack and Kate are off the island. How the f--- did that happen? And why does he want to go back? In answering those questions, you have to start addressing the bigger, epic scope of the show. In doing that, you're going to get into questions about the show that the audience is just dying to start finding out. What is this island? Where is this island? When is this island?" says Fox.

Those who do make it back also have a weight on their shoulders it seems - "Jack and the other people, upon getting back to the world, are not being honest with the world. They are covering up [something]. That's an agreement that they've all reached. And it's a weird, gross little bond that they have with each other. They don't see each other much, but when they see each other, it's incredibly awkward. And this lie -- you can cut it with a knife amongst them."

As for that casket we saw, looks like we won't know who's in it for a while - "It hasn't been revealed yet. I'm pretty sure I know who it is, but I'm not 100 percent sure" he says. Finally he confirms that decoy endings were shot for the upcoming finale, but he is not a part of the key scene.

In related news, ABC is ramping up promotion for the show by making every single episode of the popular island drama available online in high definition at for US viewers.
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