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Started by lucsly, December 06, 2007, 09:44:22 AM

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Just signing in for the first time.  I've spent the last month or so listening to all the archived TISF podcasts... didn't really feel comfortable signing on to the forums till i had a good grounding in the basics.  Now that i'm listening live (as it were), I hope to have fun on the forums.
Some background:
Name: Jeff (although i do like the sound of lucsly)
Location: North of Seattle, WA
Personal: married with a two year old daughter (she just said "spock" for the first time the other day... just about killed my wife)
Employment: Geologist
ST intro: watching reruns of TOS with my dad and then getting a tv in my room the year TNG premiered... that was really cool.
Favorite ST: TOS and DS9 are tied for me
Current ST activities: trying to work my way through VOY - just started season 4 last night (forgot how cool 7of9 was)... and of course just getting into this podcast... have been listening to 'make it so' as well... i like going back and forth between this (TISF) relatively calm and info packed podcast and the antic-filled and very explicit podcast for across the water...
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Welcome aboard Lucsly!  I hope you enjoy your time on the forums.  I know I do.  :) 

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Welcome aboard lucsly.  Glad you have enjoyed the podcasts.  I think you will enjoy the gang here too!


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Welcome Lucsly! I love that your daughter just learned to say "Spock", though I do feel for your wife. Maybe you can teach your little girl to say something like "mommy pretty", or something flattering to ease her trepidation.  ;)
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Welcome lucsly... sounds like you'll fit right in to our geeky family.



Welcome to the Forums lucsly


Welcome to the crew, lucsly!  I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here.


Greetings lucsly!
I suppose the abundance of styroloxyd rocks in the Trek universe are relatively harmless, unless stepped on as in TOS "The Apple".


SWEET!  Another person from the great NorthWest!  Woo hoo!

Welcome to the forums!


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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