Troi's accent

Started by space_invader64, November 02, 2007, 04:20:28 PM

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I wonder why they changed Troi's accent from like a mid eastern accent to a brittish one.  Did it start in the movies or in the later seasons of the TV show?


Troi has always had an British accent... at least I have always remembered one.


From imdb:

"Marina Sirtis, a Londoner, initially delivered her lines in what was supposed to be an alien-sounding accent because Troi was half human/half Betazoid. However, when Majel Barrett appeared as her mother, Lwxanna, she spoke in her American accent. Sirtis then developed Troi's accent into an Eastern-European sound, as it was decided that was where Troi's human father came from."

Then I noticed in the movies her accent was different.


I honestly never knew that or could tell the difference.
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