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Enhanced TAS?

Started by saunders, November 07, 2007, 07:46:49 AM

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With TOS being redone with new special effects and talk of the same for TNG, do you think TAS might be considered for re-animating?  I love TAS, but do think this would be an interesting idea.  I bet a lot of fans would be interested...especially since one of the biggest complaints about TAS is the animation.


How would you re-animate it? Traditionally or CGI? It could be interesting however I think another issue with TAS is the acting and the stories. They aren't really the best.


I don't see why fans would complain about the animation. The style is very typical of animation at the time. I personally enjoy watching the show as it is. I would rather they invest money developing a new series instead. It would be cool to see what they could do with animation now as opposed to 30 years ago. Especially if they could get the quality of Justice League or Superman TAS.

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Maybe with a new crew or a Titan animated series? Frakes and Sirtis did some reasonably good voice acting on Gargoyles.


Probably more likely to happen would be a new animated series.  There has been some talk of this and some preliminary work done.

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I hope they do a series after the events of Nemesis. Whether dealing with the events of Nemesis or in a new time era, at least Star Trek would be fulfilling its goal of bolding going where no one has gone before.

However, if somebody does redo TAS, at least get the Klingon uniforms right and clean up the little coloring errors that occurred on occasion.


The "traditional" or "cgi" is a good question.  I don't know what I'd prefer.  It'd be neat to see a sample.  I like TAS animation too, but I grew up on 70's cartoons.
I can't believe they haven't tried to do another animated Trek since the original.  I wish they would.


A new animated series would be cool


I would not mind seeing another Trek animated series as well. I do not mind what time frame it is either, will enjoy it regardless.