Sci Fi covers All Dimensions and All ages - even mine :)

Started by anim5, March 04, 2006, 08:40:20 AM

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Hello all.
Good to see the lights of imagination, good taste and wonder still shining in the world.
I'm stepping back into the Federation Universe after a few decades wandering in the 'real' world.
Hope it'll be fun.
"anim5" is one of my first BBS user names and has nothing to do with Sci-Fi ( it's an old Amiga animation format )

I'll confess my age at the start - I watched the TOS and was scared out of my wits by such things as plastic
knights on horse, fish-mouthed aliens and faceless female crewmembers feeling along the corridors ( after an encounter with
Charley Evans.)

It seems tame now,but I was six years old when the series premiered.
It was a real treat getting to
stay up late and hear " Star Trek  . .  In COLOR !  . . .  Brought to you by . . Nabisco!"

So . .  if you're interested in learning anything about those old days of TV and Sci-Fi, just ask
Rico 'cause believe me, he knows a ton more about than I do.  :)

To quote Twain:
"He knows all that CAN be known and I know the rest."

See Ya'


well welcome to the forum it's always cool to have people that got to see trek in the beginnings.


Welcome anime5.  We are of the same era.  Even though I only first saw Trek TOS in rerun syndication.  Welcome to the forums!  :biggrin


Welcome to the group.. sit back, relax and join in the conversation.


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my late great grandpa watched TOS with my dad when he was young so trek has been in our blood for 4 generations


wow, thats pretty cool, i only saw tos on reruns and now on dvd, welcome
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