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Make It So...

Started by davekill, October 08, 2007, 10:33:41 PM

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This is a very interesting thread indeed. I have been away from the forums for awhile but am still listening to the podcast every week. I was listening to "Make It So" last night, they mentioned this thread. In fact it was me who told them that they had been mentioned in Ricos Podcast, and i would like to defend the guys to the hilt.

  Being a fellow Brit, It was nice to discover "Make It So" when they started just over a year ago, and since then, It has become one of my top five podcasts. I enjoy listening just as much as I do to Treks In Sci-Fi even though they are complete opposites. Richard and Mike are rather brash and It has to be said that pretty much all of their shows are not for the faint hearted. But I must also defend their intentions. Trust me guys, they love Star Trek as much as anybody on these forums, and just because they, along with me, like to poke fun at it sometimes and point out inaccuracies and inconsistencies, It does not mean they hate the show. Indeed If they hated the show, they wouldn't have done 53 episodes.

  It is also totally different in content. Very little Trek news and sometimes the gaffs they make are rather embarrassing, but it comes from a good heart. They take a subject like "What if Star Trek" had swearing (which was a personal favourite) and they dedicate the whole show to discussing it.

  As for the swearing, Yes it is very different to Rico and I have to admit to being quite shocked at first. But I soon grew to enjoy the whole "guys talking down the pub" thing and It would feel quite forced if they stopped being natural.

  Somebody here said that they were "Wimps" for not using audio and being worried about Paramount? Come on, don't be so silly. It is a genuine worry on their side, they are worried about being sued or even forced to shut down, they are not being wimps, and any comment like that is obviously being made by someone who hasn't taken the time to actually listen to them. The guys have mentioned the audio problem and even talked about enjoying the fact that Rico used the real thing, the "cheeky monkey" remark was always a backhanded compliment.

  So I just want to say that there is room for both these podcasts and I love them both dearly, each for different reasons and just because we like to swear a bit, It does not make us unintelligent or lost for words, we just sometimes want to talk naturally.
  Okay, I have said enough, sorry for my lengthy post, but I just wanted to stake their claim and let you know that they really do put out a quality product and It would be a pity if they were judged just on the colourful language.

Cheers Guys
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Well said.  As I have mentioned, I'm all for variety.  I think the language does bother some people and therefore they won't listen based on that.  But they have to do the show the way they want to do it.  That's the great part about podcasting.  It's the Wild West of the airwaves.  I hope they continue for a long while.


Thanks Rico. I have to admit I was a little nervous as to how you would react. I have found this Podcast and forum to be very friendly and we all get along and there is very rarely any negative posting here. "Make It So" differs only very slightly. Their forum contains nice people like this one and I post regularly, although in a totally different way. Over there I join in with the criticisms of Trek and use the bad language prevalent there, I would hate to thought of as unintelligent or lacking any vocabulary because I like to use bad language. Over here, I would never use the F word because It's not in keeping with Treks In Sci-Fi.

I hope others will see it your way Rico. My previous rant was not meant to upset anyone, I just felt that I had to put my point of view across. Anyway, I'm off to the other forum to swear, cuss and basically make fun of anyone who likes Westley Crusher and Harry Kim.  ;D

Love to you all
You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"


Hhahahahahahahahah.  Well, Trekkygeek, I have no issue with Make it So.  I've even started listening in now.  >.>  Get the news on the enemy and that sort of thing ;)

lol jk

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Good points Trekkygeek. I heard your name mentioned in several of their shows. I can tell they value you as a listener. And again, personally I think The Make It So guys should be able to say whatever they want—it's labeled "explicit" and that's fair enough warning. I like their show otherwise.
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Hey Trekkygeek... loved your post, it had some very good points.

I just got done listening to there latest episode...let me say this for the record I don't think these guys hate Star Trek at all.. I mean they are doing a podcast about it, that's not the issue I have with the podcast. And honestly I don't mind the language it's not something I use but it doesn't bother me much.

I'm just the type of person that doesn't like to hear something that I very much enjoy get nitpicked to death. I'm not saying Star Trek if perfect.. there are some pretty bad episodes. And I understand that some folks enjoy making fun of them.. I'm just not one of them.

I'm also a big Voyager/Janeway fan and they seem to use that show as there punching bag... which is fine.. I know a lot of folks here don't like it.  I just don't want to spend what little free time I have listening to people rip apart something I truly enjoy.

That's the great thing about podcasting... there are thousands of choice for all kind of people.


Maybe I shouldn't call them wimps, but I get totally lost by their comentary that has no show audio.


Yeah I can completely understand you there Space Invader, I personally don't enjoy the audio shows as much, you just can't follow it that well. That said, I have enjoyed reading everyones comments and all the different opinions.
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I totally agree with Rick Moyers about cussing making people look unintelligent.  Kind of like smoking sends the message that your not smart.  Which may or may not be true.  But those are two things people can avoid if you want people to think you are smart.

I like the freedom of podcasting to say anything you want but the discretion to only use words if there is some kind of point to be made or something unusual. 

For example, I gave a presentation in college over Teri Schivo and her husband and the most powerful thing  on it was when the husband asked a doctor "when is that (b-word) gonna die?"  The reaction was really powerful.  (That information came from a nurse who said she heard him say that.)  In a college setting, I could say anything I wanted but holding back until there was a reason.  And I totally think on TV and movies if they would just hold back the launguage people would be much more receptive when some words are used.

I'm not sure how different cussing is in the two countries. but, I was listening to one of their podcasts and they were explaining that some of the profanity in America and England is different.  Like the word "ass", means the same thing in England that it does in the Bible, that it is an animal.

And the word "bollocks" isn't even the vocabulary of most Americans.  Chief O'Brien said it on DS9 in the Molly went through a time cave and came out a wild woman episode.  American audiences heard it but they had to censer that word in England.  That word doesn't mean anything more to me than a Klingon curse.  Which makes me wonder, is it profane if no one knows what it means?


In Britain we do indeed see "Ass" as a mule, we use "arse" to convey the same meaning as you guys with an emphasis on the R.
I actually hadn't realised O'Brien used the "B" word but I'm not surprised it was cut out over here, that word is seen as fairly rude. I also heard a rumour that in an episode of "The Simpsons", Bart used the "W" word to insult Homer (this word rhymes with banker). This was also cut out over here as it really is considered as bad language. I cannot remember hearing it used in American shows but I would be interested to know if its used over there.
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I don't know what the B word even means.  Don't tell me.  I don't think I want to know.  Should I not have used in on these fourms?  And the w word?  The word that means a woman with no morals?  I didn't even know that was seen as profanity in England.


Star Trek certainly has a universal appeal.
I wonder who else is podcasting a trek related show abroad.
Although being limited to the English language - It would be fun to hear an Irish, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand or ?

I feel obliged to the Brits for their friendship and:
Bond movies
Beatles and The Stones
Jaguar, Triumph and MG
William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens
Penicillin, RADAR and the jet engine
Their friendship

Glad they like our Star Trek...:)


I'd never seen this thread before, 2007 was waaaay before my time, but I was looking around idly for a Make It So thread simply because they seem to have run out of steam for a bit so are pulling the show at least until next year.

I picked it up fairly late - listend to a show about a year ago and immediately dropped it again because the subject matter and presentation just did nothing for me. I think it was the one on the topic of Riker's conquests.

I got back into it a little more recently, however, and it has been a good casual listen for the last few months. They do enjoy the shows in their own way and that comes across well over an extended listen.

Limiting themselves to Trek as they do (they have other 'casts for other subjects) I can see how it could get a little wearing with no new material to discusss, however.

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


I stopped listening when they dropped mike dawson he was the one who kept the show alive. The treatment he got was shocking and so i refuse to listen to it.


Quote from: HawkeyeMeds on September 08, 2009, 03:12:57 AM
I stopped listening when they dropped mike dawson he was the one who kept the show alive. The treatment he got was shocking and so i refuse to listen to it.

That was obviously before my time.

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.