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Started by moyer777, February 26, 2008, 11:39:59 PM

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I think Nathan and I are going to go in on this together so our stuff sounds better for the podcast.

Take a look.

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Not bad, but you might want to check out  first.  It's where I have gotten my stuff and might be a bit cheaper there.  Best thing I ever got was that pop filter.  A must have item!


Cool Rick. I picked up a USB mic a few months ago. Dave bought me a cool table top stand a pop filter, a shockmount and a floor stand. I really like it, but for some reason it only records in mono channel, though I set it up to record in stereo. Still figuring it all out. Let me know how the mixer works for you.
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I just recently purchased a Tascam TNT microphone bundle for a podcast a friend and I do, hopefully should have it next week.


I know this topic is a bit old, but I just wanna say I just bought a bunch of stuff from as well for my audio work.  They are cheap and have helpful people.  I mean the prices are cheap and the people are helpful.  Never mind.  My linguistic car is going over the cliff, so I'd best end this post.