last two podcasts from itunes .....only downloaded 6 on

Started by doc, September 08, 2007, 09:52:49 AM

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      Only 6 minutes downloaded from itunes the last 2 episodes of your show....did anyone else have this problem?               thx

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I have once in a while.. normally I would just delete the small file and then re-download the show again and that would work.



This happens to me too once in a while.  It usually downloads normally the second time.
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Humm...I've never had that issue. Why do you think this happens?
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There are a few reasons this happens.  One it can be your local net connection is having issues.  Second, it can be related to the server that the podcasts sit on being overloaded and timing out.  Either will cause a partial download to happen.  I test download each new show right after I upload it to make sure it's working.  But some issues can still happen.  Best suggestion is to delete the partial file and download the show again.


Sometimes it also has to do with the distribution system you use. Rico I don't know if you're using libsyn or something but sometimes the distributed servers don't receive the entire file. If your client connects to one of those servers then you'll download an incomplete file. It takes a bit of time for your file to propagate throughout the distribution network.