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NOW Casting for ALL NEW Star Trek Series

Started by SebastianProoth, August 28, 2007, 10:04:42 AM

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This just in...(as I wrote it ;))

Star Trek fans everywhere should be excited by this news! We are recruiting cast for a new, Star Trek audio show production called "Star Trek The Continuing Mission" - We are looking for adult voices. This programme is being produced by people who are qualified to do so and will not sound like or have a "fan production" sound in any way. The pilot is written and the rest of the season is being worked on already. All we need is the cast and all systems are go!


We are looking for 8 main cast members to fill the boots and voices of the crew of the USS Montana. Crew members include Captain Paul Edwards, Commander Darius Locke, Lt. Commander Thomas Plumber, Lt. Commander Jack Maguire, Doctor Kyle Wilson, Lt. Stephen Knight, The beautiful Lt. Numi Natusukov, and Helmsman Ensign William Palmer...

See www.continuingmission.com/crew.htm for details about each crew member!

We are looking for guest stars for every show, so even if you are not interested in becoming a series regular or you read for a part and we don't choose you chances are you will be asked to come back in a guest starring role!

Email us at continuingmission[at]gmail.com

Be a part of the NEXT Star Trek series!


Andy Tyrer and I would to thank everyone for the outpouring of support we have received for Star Trek: The Continuing Mission. As promised, we are keeping everyone informed!

Yesterday we put together a development session podcast which is now available to download on our website.

Artwork for the first episode, “Ghost Ship” has also been released and is available in the artwork section. Perfect for your computer wallpaper!

September 8th 2007: will mark the release of the names of the cast for The Continuing Mission along with the anniversary of Star Trek going on the air in 1966.

Don’t forget to download the podcast with all the cast information and more ONLY on http://www.continuingmission.com


Looks very cool Sebastian!  Love the artwork!