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Ordered a new microphone, etc.

Started by Rico, August 25, 2007, 04:22:50 PM

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Just ordered a nice new Shure microphone and a couple of other goodies from www.musiciansfriend.com   Been wanting a new mic for awhile and this will give me two good mics for the podcast.  Hopefully have it in time for next weekend's anniversary show.  Thanks very much to those that have donated via the Paypal link on the main page over the past months so I could get this!


I used the new mic for the first time on the LIVE show recorded yesterday.  Podcast #137.  I still have to tweak the levels a bit but what do folks think of the audio quality of the new mic?  Better or worse than the old mic?  I know the pop filter is helping a lot to keep the "air puffs" out of the recording.  Looking for some feedback on how the latest show sounds.


I felt like it sounded much more radioish.  :)  Seriously though, it was much improved. 

Yay for the new mic... can you post a picture of it with it's wind screen on?

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After the first few minutes I got used to the different sound of your voice but it was all good after that. The sound was crisp with little to no "pops" as I like to call them. Seems like a good investment for us listeners :)
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I thought the New Microphone sounded great Rico.


I am still planning on tweaking my mixer next week more as I go.  I had like no time to adjust things before the live show.  So I think the sound quality will improve.

Here's the only pic I have right now of the new setup.....


The new mic is much cleaner sound Rico! I think that perhaps you should tweak the bass level up just a tad because the new mic makes you sound just a little Kermit like. Otherwise I think it is a good improvement.

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Thanks for the comments.  I'll try a few test samples this week.