Trek News - Tom Cruise To Cameo As Captain Pike In Trek XI?

Started by News Bot, August 07, 2007, 10:55:44 AM

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Tom Cruise To Cameo As Captain Pike In Trek XI?

IGN sources say J.J. Abrams might want his 'Mission: Impossible' pal to play a small role in the new film. Plus: Big star considered for villain role?
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I hope this isn't true...I felt a wave of nausea when I read this news.
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Well, they are kind of "buds" I guess from doing the last MI movie together.  Have to wait and see.

Dan M

I wouldn't mind.  Cruise is one of my favorite movie stars and a great actor given the right material (even if he's a loon).


As long as they dont get all these big name actors and then water down the script.

The IC

please no

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I guess I wouldn't mind if Cruise has a cameo role but it would turn me off to see him given a major role. My main concern is that they find a really good A actor to play the villain. I'd like to see them get someone like Robert De Niro (ever seen Cape Fear?). He can really play a good creepy guy!

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The IC

I personally don't want big A-List hollywood celebs in this film. 

Seriously, what if they got someone like Jack Nicholson or Tom Hanks to play Zephram Cochrane in First Contact.  Then it becomes a Tom Hanks movie with a Star Trek story line.  They need to stick to lesser known character actors.  "That guys", if you will.


As expected, Arnold Robinson, the publicist for actor Tom Cruise has issued a statement saying that all this talk about Tom appearing for a cameo as Captain Christopher Pike in the next Star Trek film simply “is not true”.

When we reported the story ourselves we ended it by reminding fans to take it with a grain of salt until an official word came down the pike (pardon the pun). Well, as they say in Trek verse - “The word is given.”

When fans got wind of this rumor that Cruise may be appearing in the film they went ballistic with rants on how this would be the death toll for Trek. It seems to be an overwhelming concensus among Trekdom that if Pike is to be in this film, then actor Ray Liotta is their choice for the part. :spidey


I think it would be kind of cool if Tom Cruise had a cameo as Captain Pike. I dont think it would hurt the movie in the least, I agree that I would not want him to have a starring role. I would prefer Tom Cruise over Ray Liotta.

Darth Gaos

I would prefer Ray Liotta if for no other reason than he would bear a resemblence to Capt Pike as played by Jeffrey Hunter....I'm thinking that would be why a lot of fans want him.

But I am also with others here....I would be perfectly happy with NO A-list actors in the movie.
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Tom Cruise has ruined my ability to watch him in any movie. I can't help itâ€"he turns my stomach. I agree with the majority in that I'd much rather see  someone unknown in these roles. But Ray Liotta does look like Pike and I wouldn't call him an "A-lister". I think he'd be fine as Captain Pike.
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Darth Gaos

I'm with you Jen....while I enjoy some of the movies Tom Cruise is in I have a hard time with Tom himself ever since he apparently went off the deep end
I think it was Socrates who spoke the immortal words:  I drank WHAT?