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Started by Rico, January 31, 2006, 07:59:05 AM

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Hi All, HawkeyeMeds here. 34 years old and new to the forum. Just found the podcasts and happily trying to get through the back catalogue. Big fan of Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Look forward to chatting with you.


Welcome Hawkeye... love MASH... sounds like you'll fit right in here.


Welcome!  Who is that pictured?  Oh wait, nvm, guy on Mash, don't know why I didn't recognize him. 

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joined up last week, live in las vegas, 32, married, with 2 little girls.
im a closet trekkie (ie i have the desire but not the accoutriments) well. . .  there is a voyager photo in the front room signed by robert mcneil (aka tom paris)  im also accumulating a collection of fantasy sci fi books, my own personal library (shanarra, sword of truth, star wars, wheel of time, harry potter, dragon riders of pern, lost regement, to name a few)major book worm.

have listened to a majority of the podcasts. i especially like to listen to the full episode commentaries during work .its like listening to an old radio show. or running star wars in the background when you do housework, i mean i don't need to see them anymore .  . .to visualize . . . oh heck, you alll should know what i mean.


and as for the screenname it involves an overly intelligent rodent, a rather dull pakistani sword, and a pair of barbeque tongs

same screenname for playing HALO  (halo 1, i dont dare upgrade to vista for halo2)
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Welcome to the group.. glad to see you posting in some of the threads already.


Quote from: MouseSlayer on January 25, 2008, 02:22:35 PM

and as for the screenname it involves an overly intelligent rodent, a rather dull pakistani sword, and a pair of barbeque tongs
HAHA!!  I, too, have had a few "Run-ins with Rodents"  :D
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Hello Rico, found your podcast on itunes.  Discovered I liked it, and subscribed to it.  I listen to you along with other science fiction related podcasts while at work.  I enjoy the SF themed 'fan songs'.  And that one you have of Jen and her friend singing the theme song from 'Enterprise' cracks me up everytime.  We need an encore :biggrin!  I find your relaxed and easy going style refreshing. It is liking sitting in a living room and chatting with a friend about your favorite topics.  And it seems you attract people much like yourself, unassuming, friendly 'fellow geeks'.  The people I have met so far in the forums are very nice.  And this 'gift', this forum you have provided, gives geeks like myself an opportunity to converse with, and meet others like ourselves.  Thank you.

Omra aka Stephen from Arizona


Omra is a new RPG member as well. Welcome!
I can't believe you want to hear that song again! He's played it three times... surely you are tired of it by now.  :D
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Hey everyone!  I'm a fairly new listener of the show (only been listening for a few weeks) but I'm really liking it.  Way to go!!

A little about me...I'll be 30 in a couple months, married for almost 9 years, we have a daughter that's three and we're expecting our second child in September (yay!!!).

By day I'm a graphic designer for the University of Nebraska Medical Center and by night I'm an aspiring comic book artist.  You can check out some of my work at

As interests go...I'm big into comics, animation, fantasy movies, Star Wars and of course Star Trek.  My favorite Star Trek has always been TNG...but I've been watching a lot of DS9 lately.  I forgot how good that show really was.

And as for podcasts...I'm a long time listener (and poster @ the forums) to the Comic Geek Speak podcast.  I've also been listening to other great shows like Half Hour Wasted, Skeptoid, Mysterious Universe (how's that for a contradiction), iFan Boy Quiet, Panelologists at Work! and Photoshopusertv.  ( job is i listen to a lot of podcasts during the day)

Anyway...that's probably too much info already.  But I'm happy to be aboard and am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Later skater


Hey Eric... Welcome to the Treks in Sci Fi Family..

Sounds like you'll fit right in here.


Welcome Eric. Not only am I a fellow geek.. but a graphic designer as well. You'll fit right in here!
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I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Glad to have you with us Eric.  I know you will enjoy your stay here.  We can always use another artist around the forum!  Check out the RPG.  Season 6 just got started last week.  Still time to join in the fun!


Welcome aboard, Eric!  So, what type of comics and animation are you into?