Battlestar Galatica TV Movie - Razor (Rumors/Slight Spoliers)

Started by Geekyfanboy, June 21, 2007, 04:06:48 PM

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The following story contains MODERATE SPOILERS for the upcoming "Battlestar Galactica" telemovie "Razor."

Every bad situation has a silver lining if one looks hard enough, and even though some great characters introduced in the second mid-season finale of "Battlestar Galactica" would find early graves, the art of flashback will bring the Battlestar Pegasus back to life again in SciFi Channel's November telemovie on the series.

Keeping anything a secret on the set of "Battlestar Galactica" has been impossible, and "Razor" has been no exception with it almost common knowledge that the telemovie will focus on the Cylon attacks from the Pegasus perspective, along with recreations of some of the events that took place on the embattled ship only talked about before.

"Razor," however, won't just be a typical flashback episode, sources tell SyFy Portal. It will bring together fans of both the original 1970s series and the 2003 remake like no episode has before, and it will feature revelations that will make jaws drop and instill fear on what might come in Season 4.

Michelle Forbes -- introduced to genre fans as the Bajoran Ensign Ro in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- will reprise her role as the iron-balled admiral in the telemovie, proving to viewers that her sunny disposition wasn't exactly the result of the Cylons annihilating nearly all of the human race. Cain is fighting some demons of her own, one of the biggest ones stretching back to the original Cylon War 40 years before where she watched her parents executed by the 1970s versions of the living machines, and being forced to make the impossible decision of leaving her little sister behind in an effort to save herself.

But the biggest skeleton in Cain's closet will finally come out, so to speak. Remember the disgust Cain had for Gina (Tricia Helfer), the Number Six Cylon prisoner she was holding on Pegasus by the time the military vessel met up with the Galactica? Well, things weren't always that bad between the two ladies. In fact, before her exposure as a Cylon, things were much, much, much, much different.

"Cain and Gina were quite close," a source tells SyFy Portal. "In fact, they were lovers. We don't exactly come out and say it, but you'd have to be sleeping through the middle of all this to not pick up on their relationship."

Some viewers who had been pushing for some sort of homosexual representation on "Battlestar Galactica" should finally get their wishes answered with this revelation, especially since many viewers speculated that Cain might be a lesbian previously. And it won't exactly be the first time "Battlestar Galactica" has delved into same-sex relationships, as it was implied that the love triangle between Six, Baltar (James Callis) and Number Three (Lucy Lawless) also involved love between Six and Three as well.

"We've gone out of our way to make sure that it wasn't thrown in there just to throw it in there," the source said. "The love between the two sets up a [dramatic] device of betrayal, and what scorned love can create in the heat of the moment. Finding out your lover is really the enemy might not be new, but this should be a fresh perspective."

As previously reported on SyFy Portal, rumors were out that the original Cylon models from the 1970s ABC series would make a cameo appearance in the telemovie, but another source says that's just not true. The inclusion of the original models is full on, and they will likely get more screen time than the new versions first introduced in the 2003 miniseries.

"They are going to have the same voice, the same sparkle, the same type of ships, everything," the source said. "You're going to see them in the beginning where we feature scenes from the height of the original Cylon War, but members of our ragtag fleet will have the opportunity for a face-to-face or two with them as well."

Unlike the Cylons from the original series, these units will be created using computer imagery much like the mechanical units shown in the new series. But it's unlikely that little else will be different about the Cylons, which should give fans a much-needed dose of nostalgia as "Battlestar Galactica" gears up for its fourth and final season in 2008.

The telemovie will air in November on SciFi Channel, and be released on DVD soon after. Depending on how successful this direct-to-DVD project is, NBC Universal could find a future in "Battlestar Galactica" in this medium in the future.

Please note that these source reports have not been confirmed by NBC Universal or the powers that be behind "Battlestar Galactica," and should be treated as any rumors would.


Sounds very interesting. I am only 15 and have actually only saw one epiode of the original series, but I started watching the new BSG, even though I never heard of the original. I love this show, and am sad to hear it will be leaving the air after season 4, but at least there might be a feature film in the future. Or maybe not.
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Dan M

Only saw one episode of the original series?  Thinking about it, I realized that the show had been off the air for 12+ years when you were born.  This place makes me feel old.

You should check it out.  It's a different tone than the current series, and it's definitely a product of the times it was created, but there was some fun stuff there.

I think that the original series gives us clues as to where the current series is going.  As we keep hearing, "this has all happened before."  My theories on Starbuck and the final resolution of the show tie right back to elements of the original series.  And I have a feeling (nothing more yet) that "Razor" will only reinforce that.


BSG Pegasus Movie To Get Deluxe DVD Release

As the long months with no “Battlestar Galactica” continue to unfold, fans can take solace that in the midst of our drought, we’ll get a little relief. As we’ve reported numerous times here at Slice of SciFi, a two-hour Battlestar movie will debut this fall on SCI FI.

The movie was first rumored to be going direct to DVD, then airing on SCI FI. However, due to the agreement with the producer and creator of the original “Battlestar” Glen A. Larson, the movie must be shown on television first. As we reported last week, Larson holds the rights to produce “Battlestar” movies â€" whether on the big-screen or direct-to-home-theater.

The new movie is being produced as part of the fourth season of the hit show and as two separate episodes to avoid any legal quandries.

It will air on SCI FI and then quickly be released direct-to-home-theater on DVD. The good news for DVD fans â€" the producers are plannign an extended, deluxe edition of the film on DVD. As of now, plans are to include at least 15 minutes of new footage in the movie when it hits the home-theater market. There could be more included based on how the movie is edited and what the producers feel needs to be restored for the home-theater audience.

The “Battlestar” movie has been tenatively titled “Razor” and will focus on Admiral Cain of the “Pegasus.”

Extended cuts of “Battlestar Galactica” stories on DVD is nothing new. The season 2.5 set features the longer version of “Pegasus” on the first disc. At the time “Pegasus” aired, it was too short to run in an hour and a half time slot on the original edit. Ron Moore and company were able to edit it down to the hour time slot. However, in his podcast, Moore stated he wasn’t happy with some of what was lost and promised it would be on the DVD sets. When the first half of season 2 came out on DVD, it was the original version, causing some fans to riot in the streets (OK, not really…but we were pretty annoyed). The season 2.5 set saw the episode see the light of day in the original edit with a new commentary by Ron Moore and David Eick.


Thats cool, I am looking forward to this, and filling in some of the Story on the Pegasus


Yeah I liked the character of Cain. She was a really great character and a good troublemaker for Adama. It was upset when she was killed, but I guess had to happen because it would have really caused problems for Adama.
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