Harping on Harpies- Spoilers

Started by moyer777, June 25, 2007, 12:15:56 PM

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Ok, I am just about to NEVER record a sci fi chanell movie again. 

We saw Stan Lee's Harpies being advertised and set the DVR. 

Now for those of you who had the unfortunate experience of watching Manitcore, well... it was a five star movie compared to Harpies.

I actually watched it all the way through with both of my boys, and we finally started laughing so hard that we would rewind and slow down the frames so that we could laugh at the poor sword skills, the awful special effects and then we rewound the dialouge several times to laugh at it again.  That's not a good sign.  One shot had a guy lofting a spear toward the enemy to have the sound effect of it sticking through him, but from the camera angle you saw him catch the spear with his arm like we did as kids.

Stephen Baldwin.  Oh my goodness.  I just don't have words.. maybe Gil Gerard. :)

The Harpies.  Women in nightgowns with vampire halloween makeup you get at Walmart. 

CGI- me on my computer with a program I got yesterday.  :)

Even the editing was horrible. 

I don't get it!  Why make a movie like that?  It isn't a good example of movie making.  I can't believe that Stan Lee would put his approval on that.


Did anybody else have the misfortune of watching that?

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Don't get me started on these just awful movies.   Remember the movies from MST3000 -- those were WAY better then SciFi.   Oh dear -- you watched the whole thing.  I saw the last five minutes and it was painful enough.  With the exception of Red October and The Shadow, I don't if the Baldwins have done anything worth note.

Every now and then Sat night is descent but NEVER if it starts with "And now, the SciFi channel made for TV movie...".   I'm sure they get volumes of mail and they readily ignore most of it.   What's odd is the people they get - Starbuck, Daniel Jackson to name a few - to do basically CRAP.  How can it help their career -- do they really put that on their resume ???

Actually, next week is Unbreakable.   That was a neat movie -- probably because BW's Die Hard part 3,321 is coming out this week.


I have not ever seen one Sci-Fi Channel made movie that was worth watching and so I have stopped.

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SciFi's movies are pathetic.  I tried to watch Lake Placid 2, and it was bad.  The original was great.  How was the sequel done so poorly?  It's because it was made by SciFi's production team who seem to have no standards.

The whole problem is that they want to do stuff that is above and beyond their budget, so everything ends up as cheap as could be.  For example, say you're going to make a monster movie... make something like Aberration.  It's obviously low budget and features some goofy acting, but it works, because they stuck to their budget.


They've had a couple that are somewhat watchable but lately they really seem to just be getting worse and worse.


I have to agree with Rico. There a few great Sci-Fi movies out there that I love, but some have become really bad lately. I like the one last  year with the the chipacabra on the cruise ship and John-Rayies Davis (I think that is the spelling) on it. That was fairly good. But what  can you do. At least Sci-Fi shows havnt lost thier quality (except Ghost Hunters, which I cant stand). I cant wait for the new Flash Gordon, though I might miss the first 3 or so episodes of it, because I am going to be a camp couselor during that time. Maybe my mom will DVR it, but she is so bad with the TV...

Anyways, I might just watch Harpies just to see how bad it is.

Hey, what is the movie with Feedback from Who Wants to Be A Superhero? in it. I heard in the Sci-Fi mag that it is coming up. Did I miss it?
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I would rather watch Lost Skeleton of Cadavra  -- TWICE -- in  a row -- on the same night -- on the weekend