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Tom Snyder Star Trek Star Interviews

Started by Rico, May 19, 2007, 05:45:01 AM

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This is a great blast from the past.  Tom Snyder who had a hit talk show back in the 1970's interviews several TOS cast members back in the 1970's when TOS Trek was really gaining hit status in syndication.  Here's the first part, I think there are five parts in total.  They are all uploaded by the same person on YouTube.



That was awesome.  Thanks Rico.
I just got done watching all of them.  EXCELLENT!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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I also got hooked and had to watch all five of them. It was some really good stuff.

It's really strange to see that the host and the guests could smoke on the air back then. . .anyway, I enjoyed the show.


ME TOO!  At first I was like, what is on fire?  Then I realized they were smoking!  Go figure!  Yeah, times have changed haven't they?  How did you like those cool silk shirts and the awesome haircuts?

Good stuff, I liked the conflict too.  It was more reality based.

I wish Rodenberry hadn't had the flu, it would have been cool to hear his thoughts on things.

I have been and always will be, your friend.
Listen to our podcast each week http://www.takehimwithyou.com


Yeah, what was up with those haircuts? I don't know how women could like those haircuts.

Harlan Ellison doesn't hold back that's for sure. I just finished reading up on him on Wikipedia a few minutes ago. He's won about 8 Hugo awards and 3 Nebulas. The guy's talented. But he likes to sue a lot of people including James Cameron (for the The Terminator) and Fantagraphics (a small comic book publisher). One of the more interesting things I read is that he wanted to do a subplot on drug dealing aboard the Enterprise on the episode "The City on the Edge of Forever." That was "cutting edge" I suppose for those days. Crazy. I can't imagine that on the original Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry, of course, didn't allow that sub-plot for the show.

I also wish Gene Roddenberry had been there. That wouldn've been cool.


I love Harlan Ellison.  Pick up some of his books sometime if you get the chance.  Amazing stuff.  The Essential Ellison is great.  Huge book of short stories - which is what he writes mainly.  And yeah, Harlan always speaks his mind.  He is highly intelligent and opinionated.


Wow that was some good stuff Rico.  Yeah I guess Harland does speak his mind doesn't he lol.  He was pretty rough on the show although I do believe he was right in the fact that Gene did like to keep things a little too goody goody sometimes. Like Harland was saying just because we have pretty technology doesn't mean we are all going to turn into saints all of a sudden.  But even so I still love the original series and there is still some quality science fiction and just quality shows in those 3 seasons, more good than bad actually.  I also like what Keonig was saying about how TOS was a starting point for good science fiction on television which we can now see is exactly what it was.

Thanks again Rico for the find.
What was the biggest problem with the Prequels?  One thing, NO HAN SOLO!!  Oh yeah you know it.