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Voyager Series finale was not that great... .

Started by PepperDude, May 18, 2007, 11:08:01 PM

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I finally saw Voyager's series finally a few days ago. I don't think the finale was great. I think the biggest reason is because the crew finally made it to Earth and with the entire crew still on Voyager, the episode abruptly ended.

TNG's ending was not abrupt. We get to see Captain Picard joining the rest of the senior staff in a game of poker. DS9 had a really long ending where some lose ends were tied as most of the main characters took new directions in their lives. I really like the very last scene with Kira and Jake looking out the space station's porthole at all the stars and then the wormhole as it opens up.

Those were great endings unlike Voyager's. We didn't even really get to see Voyager majestically get on orbit around Earth. They simply came through that trans warp conduit, quickly destroyed the Borg ship, exchanged a few words with a Starfleet admiral and then the end. There were no family reunions, no celebrations. . .nothing.


I loved the finale.. I thought it did what it was suppose to do. This series was about a ship that was lost in the Delta Quadrant. In the end the ship makes it home, thus completing the story. Of course it would have been cool if they showed what happend to the crew afterwards but that wasn't the main story of this series. Plus we did get to see what happened in the alternate timeline with Voyager coming in over the Golden Gate Bridge. Also there are novels that continue the Voyager stories once they got home.


Yes Kenny, I really enjoyed it too.

I think when they are doing TV you have to trade certain things out because of the time involved.  I am glad they did all the cool special effects with the borg and such.  Now, what would have been way cool was if they had a TV movie about what happened to them all.

but, hey, I guess we can't have everything!

I have been watching the finale the last couple of nights while falling asleep.  Great show!

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While the voyager finale was not all that great, it was still an action packed episode. it would have been nice to see more of the Borg armour. But at least it was better than the most terrible Trek ending ever. I am talking about Enterprise. We were let down in a big way, they knew this was the last incarnation for awhile, but they still used some over the hill overweight previous trek actors to turn the show into a "Dallas" type scenario, I am only surprised that we didn't see Troi or Riker in the shower. Totally unforgiveable and I for one will remain very peeed off at the makers for a very long time.
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I liked the Voyager Finale, but I do agree with Pepperdude, in that it would have been nice for a couple extra minutes to see what happens to the crew after they arrive home. Like Kenny said, there are books that a person can read to follow their stories after the show ended.  I always find series finales to be bittersweet, as the finales are usually big, and close of story lines, but sad in that the shows I have been following have come to an end. That said, Enterprise Finale just left me bitter, no sweet there.

Dan M

I liked the Voyager finale a great deal.  Yes,  I would've liked to see an extra scene resolving the fates of some characters.

We could've seen Tom meeting up with his dad, maybe a sentence or two telling us what'll happen to 7 and the Maquis crew, everyone greeting Reg, Starfleet commending Janeway on her triumph in completing the mission. 

It all would've been nice, but I think it's a great finale even without all that.  I don't think it rose to the level of "All Good Things", but I enjoyed it much more than the DS9 or ENT finales.


I was liking the finale until the very end. There was just not enough time left. I guess  sometimes--like Rick said--I can't have everything. . . Then again, Kenny made a great point about Voyager 's main plot line being about getting home, not what they were going to do after they got home. So I can see how the ending does still fit the entire series.

Jedijeff, I still haven't seen the Enterprise finale. It's doesn't sound that great but does it have any redeeming qualities?


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I thought the Enterprise Finale was good for a regular Trek episode but horrible for a Enterprise Finale. The second to last episode of Enterprise is what I consider the finale for Enterprise.


I find it fascinating how great the writing is in Trek.  I mean, think about it.  We care about the characters.  And after seven years, you really care about them. I think there is a lot of pressure on whoever is producing it to make it really good.  The Trek fan base is so diverse.  Everyone likes it for so many reasons, almost like a code of ethics.  You know?

I agree, Enterprise was kind of sad in the finale.  I was just sad that Trek in general was going off the air.  That was very hard for me.  I actually found myslef upset about it.  I got a kick out of the TREK LIFE cartoon.  I felt like Carl at the time.  hehehe.

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I watched the finale again.  There was some really neat moments -- dusting the Borg ships was at the top.

My favorite parts of the episode - Old Janeway telling the captain about the next 16 years, Chakotay/Seven (nice), Belana/Tom, Seven/Neelix, Old Janeway/Tuvok, Janeway/Tuvok.  Harry will always be Harry -- will he ever grow up ?


I thought this finale was good.  Yeah, it would of been nice to have a few moments to unite the Voyager crew with their loved ones on Earth, but it's hard to do it all.  It was an exciting episode and I was happy that they brought them home.


I liked it.  I'm kind of weird on the trek episodes I like.  I like the stuff that many of you don't. 

I hated the way TNG ended.  It felt like it was just another "reset button" episode.  To me it would have been even better to air clues or masks as the big finish!

DS9s ending was sad for me because I felt like everyone was graduating and going their own seprate ways.  But it was still really good.  I liked it.

I liked future janeway comming back to fight the Borg and I felt that it was cool to bring the ship back to Earth at the end.

Dan M

Quote from: space_invader64 on May 27, 2007, 03:08:46 PM
To me it would have been even better to air clues or masks as the big finish!

Masks?  Masks?

QuoteI liked it.  I'm kind of weird on the trek episodes I like.  I like the stuff that many of you don't. 
You weren't kidding there, si64!  :)

Episodes like Masks, Sub Rosa and Genesis softened the blow of TNG airing, for me. 

IMO, TNG is the only modern Trek which fell off in quality during its final season.


Yes that's right.  I like the goofy stuff more than the episodes with deep meaning.  Masks is an episode that I thought was cool but other trek fans really hate it.  I like clues, justice, The Royale, Timescape, The Most Toys, Future Imperfect, QPid, The Battle, Skin of Evil, Conspiracy, Time Squared, Time's Arrow, Thine Own Self, Eye of the Beholder, Genesis, Rember Me, Tapestry, Rascles, The Chase, A Fistful of Datas, Cause and Effect, Imaginary Friend, The Next Phase, True-Q, A Matter of Time, and so on.

Rico, you should review some of these.  These, to me are the most memorable episodes of TNG.