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How is everyone doing?

Started by Geekyfanboy, April 18, 2007, 05:54:59 PM

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Reading through everyones posts, it sounds like everyone is doing really good, which is great.  I read Pepper Dudes post about Guitar Hero, I have been really interested in that game for some time. Now that it is out for the 360, I am really wanting to get a 360, so I am hoping soon. I want to upgrade my Computer as well, so I think I want to do that a bit more, so the 360 might need to wait until fall :(.
I have not been that busy at work lately, but suspect that will get busy in the next  few weeks. I have been really busy at home lately, as I have been working on setting up two websites, and starting up a podcast as well. Got most of it done, so I think my Wife will be happy, as I think she is getting restless at staying home the past few weekends.


Hey Jeff... you doing a podcast?? What's it about? Let us know when it's ready.

Edit... nevermind Jeff.. I just noticed above that you have a link to your podcast in your signature.


Doing good today dudes.  Nice to see ya's
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Cheif reporting in! Life has been hectic and all, but all good. Last week I was working from 6 am to 12 am. Pretty crazy. Not sure how I survived that.

Other than that, I'm just fine!

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Well another week has passed... hope everyone is doing well.

This week was fairly quiet for me. But I anticipate next week to be very hectic.

The IC

I've been quite good.  A friend of mine is getting married in August, and we are thowing him a bachelor party soon.  We're having it at Madison Mallard's baseball game.   It's a joint bachelor - bachelorette party.

Also, my wife and I are awaiting the arrival of our son on or about June 1st!  We're adopting him.


That is great news, congrats. Are you getting him from another country or within the US?

The IC

Local.  We have been with the agency for about a year now.  We got matched with the birth-mother in early March.

She wants us to be the first people to hold him.


That's awesome... is this your first child?

The IC

Yup.  He is the first child in the family by either me, my sister, my wife, or her sisters, so everyone is very excited.


Wow... this is a huge family event. I hope everything goes well for you, your wife and your new bundle of joy.

The IC

All we need now is for him to be born, and for the birth-mother to walk out of the hospital without him.

The one catch is that there is a "legal risk" window between birth and finalization of the termination of parental rights.  That takes 3 - 6 weeks.  He will be in foster care for the duration of the legal risk window just in case our birth-mother changes her mind.

If all goes well, we will bring him home no later than August 1st.  The adoption will be finalized 6 months after his birth-date.


wow.. sounds very complicated. I wish you guys all the best.


Congrats IC on the baby adoption.  I hope all goes well.  Having kids has been one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences I have ever had.   Oh, get used to not sleeping!  ;)

The IC

that's what everyone has been telling me