I need help. A Story actually

Started by MrOsterman, April 17, 2007, 04:16:02 AM

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Here's what I'm doing (short form):

I'm going to be introducing RPG's to my math students in our last unit (starts in 2 weeks).  The unit is on probability so I intend to have them spend some time learning how to figure simple and compound probability and to work out how common events are, how likely they are to "succeed" or "fail" at an event in the game, etc.

The game they're going to learn on is Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG which uses a simple D10 system (called the Unisystem).  They're going to look at other games (like GURPS, and Serenity the RPG) but their own characters for the bulk of the project will be from BVS.

Actually I'm going to modify the game to be more like a Teen version of Heroes the TV Show.  Each character will be a "special" teenager (like Claire) that has some power they're trying to keep secret.  I'll give them pregen'd characters with some motivations and some background.  Of course kids that really get into it can make changes, look at different goals, or even stay after one day and make their own characters from scratch.

So where do I need help?

I really want to give them a Choose Your Own Adventure story to read through the first day of the unit (about two weeks), but I'm not sure about my time to write one (I know it's not a small undertaking).  I've got one that comes in the GURPS book but it's not really easy to photocopy and it uses a lot of GURPS rules mechanics.  I would like to have one that's game mechanic free so they can focus on the story and the fun.

Would anyone be willing to help?  Heck even giving me the outline/ tree diagram I could flesh out the prose;  Or the other way... I give someone the tree..

Or we could even do it collaboratively.  Any one know how to set up a wiki?

Mr. O


Hey there Mr. O

I love to write even if English is not my native language. How much time do you have? What kind of story are you interested in? How old are your students?

If we have enough time I could help you.

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I am great at storys :) i am best at Sci-fi and fantasy, maybe a contest is in order, the win is the self satisfaction of your story introduced to a class :)
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I'm actually up against a major clock.

I have until next monday to sell my fellow teachers on doing this project with me, or I'm doing it alone so I need the choose your own adventure story done by ... well today.

I'm going to blitz forward with it here at my desk see what falls into place and start pounding out some example problems.  I'm finding it really hard to explain RPG's to my fellow teachers enough for them to incorporate them into their work.


Mr. O


ok you could say "An RPG is a role playing game and in a role playing game it is like a play or skit. and say it builds charcter it helps acting.
"He can't act out of a cardboard box"- Rick Moyer

"I know the answer now sometimes the doctor must look at this planet and look at it in shame" -Gwen Cooper