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New X files

Started by MARKO, January 24, 2016, 05:00:59 PM

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New X files tonight..... fingers crossed hope its good! Bobba Booey to you all.
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I say this with Peace and love peace and love..... watch the X Files.
"Amat Victoria Curam"


For some reason I kind of thought the six episodes would be like a mini-series with one long story, but tonight's episode was stand alone story unconnected, for the most part, to the previous episode. I'm not sure that I like Anderson and Duchovny in their older gravely voiced selves. The first episode was better than the second one but I'm still hopeful they can bring a meaningful conclusion to the whole series and tie up some loose ends and maybe turn the baton over to a younger cast to carry the X-files project forward into the future.

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I read that three will be stand alone and three an arc story line.  I think they wanted to do a blend like the original series.  I actually am really enjoying seeing the actors back in the roles.  They did try a new cast once and it didn't take - but who knows maybe they will do that again.