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Hello from Paris

Started by wso32, October 14, 2006, 08:58:11 AM

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Hello all. My name is Walter and Ive recently discovered the treksf podcast shortly before moving from the US to Paris on a two year assignment for my job.  Ive really enjoyed Rico's podcasts and especially enjoy the reviews of TOS episodes. 

Well, thats about all.  Keep up the great work Rico.  I always look forward to downloading the new podcast as there is not much Sci Fi news here in Pairs.



Hiya Walt!  Welcome to the fun dude. 
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Hey Walter.. welcome to our little group.   :starwars:


Glad to have you aboard Walt.  I think you'll find a nice little growing community here.  Hope you enjoy it.

---  Post some pics from Paris when you get the chance.  We would all love to see those I'm sure!


Thanks Funboy, StarTrekFanatic 5 and Rico.  These are my first posts on a forum so Im still getting the hang of it.

Rico - here is a pic from right outside of our office building in Neuilly.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Beautiful shot!  I recognize the Arch of course down at the end.  Very cool.


welcome Walt!  Great picture, great location for your office.  ;)
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Yeoman Mara

Sorry I didn't say Hi sooner.  Welcome to the forums.
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