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Started by jedijeff, June 14, 2015, 08:15:41 PM

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Anyone else watch this?

I watched the first episode tonight, and found it started a bit slow, but picked up as the episode went on. Since it is bit of a ship based show, that what caught my attention at first.

I thought the production values on it looked pretty good, the sets looked pretty good. The cast, seems a bit blah to me though, maybe the weakest part of the show to me, but hopefully they grow into their characters as the episodes go along. A few of them seem a bit one dimensional, especially the number 3 fellow, who just comes across as a tough no nonsense type guy into weapons. They sort of tap into cliches and mine character traits from previous Sci-Fi based shows.

[spoiler]The twist at the end is probably what really grabbed me, and gave me more interest to keep on watching. Part of me was expecting something along these lines, and part of me was not. Given the reputation this crew had on the planet, they do not sound like nice individuals. A bit of mystery in why they are in the spot they are, and who is trying to take them out, so that should keep things interesting.[/spoiler]


On my TIVO, but will watch soon.


Watched the first episode last night and enjoyed it.  Interesting premise, it looks cool and it has some familiar faces from other SyFy shows.  I'll definitely keep watching.


I'll try to check this one out on demand.


Quote from: Rico on June 16, 2015, 04:29:14 PM
Watched the first episode last night and enjoyed it.  Interesting premise, it looks cool and it has some familiar faces from other SyFy shows.  I'll definitely keep watching.
I am hoping that the Characters will fill out a bunch more as they go along, but this is one that I feel I will watch all the way through, just based off the first episode. Like you said Rico, the premise is pretty interesting.
[spoiler]A co worker and I had a discussion the other day about it. We felt, it could be interesting, if after they found out that they were bad people, that instead of trying to redeem themselves, they just embrace that they are bad and become a terror in the galaxy. But doubtful they would go that way, I am sure it will be about them trying to break from their past and become good, but I am sure they will operate a lot in the darker areas as well. Who knows, maybe that past is not really even true, I guess that sort of makes this all very interesting as not sure what to think of them for the moment.[/spoiler]


A few things...

[spoiler]I give them a little slack on the characters since their memories were messed with and it was just the first episode too - of course.  One thing I thought right off when they found the data about themselves in the computer was that the data is fake.  Maybe they are not all murderers and bad people.  Maybe someone wants to see how they will react to learning that.  In any case, I'm looking forward to what happens next.[/spoiler]


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Last nights episode was really good, added a whole bunch to the series, definitely has me hooked now. Even though they have a bit of a budget, I thought they did a decent enough job on the space station to give you a feeling that it was somewhat a city in space, and not the most safest place to be.
Killjoys is also a fun watch. Not nearly as mysterious yet as Dark Matter, but is making for a real solid Friday night of TV, I don't feel bad for staying home  ;D

[spoiler]I was talking to my co worker the other day, and felt there was a possibility they could be clones. Not sure if the whole crew would be clones, but could see a possibility that a few might beyond one. The video in the doctors office, certainly did indicate that transferring a person into a clone body across the galaxy could have happened here, but left it off that it was only short term, so sort of throws the cloning possibility into a bit of question. I certainly like the idea that there could be a mix of clones and real people on this crew, and that the clone was a plant on the ship and was the one who wiped everyone elses memories and the ships.[/spoiler]