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Star Wars: Rogue One

Started by WillEagle, March 16, 2015, 07:16:03 PM

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They have a title, release date, actress and a composer for this Star Wars Spinoff movie.
Title - Star Wars: Rogue One
Actress - Felicity Jones
Composer - Alexandre Desplat
Release Date - Dec. 16, 2016

And if you didn't know Felicity Jones was recently in 'The Theory of Everything' and Desplat has done many scores including 'Godzilla' and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' for which he won an Oscar.

Here are a couple of links the first about the movie and the 2nd announcing the composer.




Good to get a post on this started! We are going to be getting a "Star Wars" movie basically every year from now on.  COOL!




I don't think you can get to much Star Wars or Star Trek! The more the merrier! It will be interesting to see what timeframe they use for this. There are a lot of possibilities and it would be pretty hard to guess at this point. I'll guess anyway. I'm going to say the new trilogy time because I think they will want to keep it all in the same time like what was done with TNG, DS9 and Voyager. You can keep it the same time but go in many directions. 


The rumor is "Rogue One" may be set a little prior to episode 4.


I am so curious as to what you thought about Rogue 1.

[spoiler]I'm still in surprise by it.  I loved it, not what I expected.  That being said, the last ten minutes were amazing to say the least.[/spoiler]

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Way to bring back this thread...  A few thoughts on the movie...

[spoiler]While I did like it, I was a bit disappointed.  I don't want to say too much even in a spoiler tag but I enjoyed last year's Force Awakens movie much more than this.  It needed more character stuff and a few other things.  I'll say more on an upcoming podcast.[/spoiler]




I have seen it twice and really enjoyed it, I liked TFA a lot, but I think this one was more for me, as it felt it was made for me. Just like The Force Awakens, the first time I saw Rogue One, there was a few unsettled items in my  head that the second viewing allowed me to take it in more.

[spoiler]I think the thing that caught me the most off on my first viewing was the CGI Tarkin, I was surprised how good it looked, but still there was something a tick off for me, which was strangely more the voice then the actual image of Tarkin. I found the voice was missing a bit of an edge to it. The second time around, I did not allow that to distract me, and just watched the scenes less critically.

I found for me, Rogue one really hit the mark for me. I have sort of found myself a fan of the Star Wars universe, and have always been very interested in learning more about all the aspects of it. I know in the lead up to this movie, some people were not feeling it, as the lack of identifiable Star Wars characters was limited, but for me, maybe that made me more excited as it was a chance to see what is happening to others in the universe. I like that they also killed them all off at the end, as that answers the question why these characters never show up again in the universe, and saves everyone from odd or awkward explanations on why characters are missing.

Watching this movie, it felt very collaborative, and that it was movie from Lucasfilm that falls very much in line with all the other content coming out. Even though this might have been an idea Lucas had rejected years back, it still felt like carrying on the legacy of George and his ideas and visions. It is an OT era time frame, but it did not shy away from referencing the prequels if needed. I liked TFA a lot as well, but at times it feels a bit out of step from the rest of the content coming from Lucasfilm to me. Granted it is in a time that is 30 years past most of the story telling right now, it still felt like JJ came in and made his movie with never giving any consideration to anything beyond Ep 4-6. Rogue One to me just embraces it all, so maybe made me so excited about it. Seeing the Hammerhead corvette play a big role in the space battle validated some of the content it had been included in previously. The nice touch of adding in footage of Red and Gold leaders was very appreciated by me.

I will say, Rogue One is not as steeped in all the mystery that TFA was, as I don't find myself running any theories through my head... well beyond the Black Saber reference and the Kyber crystal Jyn had around her neck, and if possibly that could have protected her some way. I do like that they are still exploring the force and how it affects people in the galaxy that are not aligned with the Jedi or the Sith.

I did grow to like the characters a lot, so in a sense, sad to see their stories end. I think Cassian was the biggest revelation to me, as his actions early on were much more extreme then I would have ever imagined. The Rebels did some pretty shady stuff as well, so something I hope maybe they flesh out a bit more in the future through different forms of story telling.

The Final scenes to me where breath taking, with Vader going through the Rebel ship, and then the dramatic exit of the Tantive 4 and Princess Leia, I must admit I was a bit misty. It really gave a lot of weight to the opening scroll of ANH, the sacrifices made to get those plans, the urgency of the situation in a ANH.


thanks guys.  I'm really looking forward to having time to see it again. 

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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I loved it!  I can't wait to see it again.


I really enjoyed this but like I said on the facebook page I enjoyed The Force Awakens more but not a lot more. Liked all the new characters with my favorites probably being Jyn and Bodhi Rook [spoiler]the imperial pilot defector. Hope I got the right name.[/spoiler]
Loved the new planets they were on especially the one at the end. Very cool indeed!
Some thoughts

[spoiler]Loved the cameos by C3PO & R2 as well as Leia even though she looked a little weird and Bail and of couse Vader. Wow that scene at the end when he was trying to get those plans!!! He is NOT a nice guy is he! Hated seeing all the Rogue characters dying would have liked to see someone live. [/spoiler]
Need to see this again. Maybe in Imax 3D!


So i went on Monday and thought it was pretty good. I was super excited to see it and i came out rather happy but feeling a little let down and here is why.

[spoiler]The main issue for me was the CGI Tarkin. It simply looked like a image on a console game, ye its impressive but he moved in a weird way and the voice was way off. You didnt need so much of him, you could have made more of a intrest by just having him seen in a reflection. I dont think ILAM can do this kind of CGI well as Weta. The film could have gone to a two parter and built up the back stories of the other characters. The fighter pilot, the guardians. Get to know them and build up a real sense of caring about them This is hindsight of course but that would have been a lovely way f bringing the film out. Would i see it again at the cinema? No. Will i but it? Hell yes.  [/spoiler]


Ashamed to say I havent gone yet.  I have to coordinate too many schedules - wife, daughter, son, not to mention mine..


Just got back from the show.  We both liked it.  Well - maybe me more than my wife.