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Star Wars: Rogue One

Started by WillEagle, March 16, 2015, 07:16:03 PM

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I almost went last Thursday with a friend from work to see for the 2nd time for me. 1st time for him. I would like to see it 1 more time at the theater.


I went the other day and pretty much loved it.  Have to agree with Meds (MEDS!!!! long time bud, good to see you) that most of the CGI characters left me a little cold, especially the one at the very end.  The "uncanny valley", where something just seems a wee bit off, was in full effect for me.  It is still super cool though, and I'd much rather have these stories told now rather than wait until the technology is just exactly perfect, it's good enough now.  Really love all the "fan service" that's all through this film, especially so once the rebel space battle sequence begins.  None of the new characters seemed as epic or iconic as those from the original trilogy, but what can you really expect about that?  Overall a great start, in my opinion, for the "filler" films in between the last trilogy.  Onward to Young Han Solo!
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I went to see this with the wife and I have two thoughts. I loved the movie, but I think it will play better on the small screen. I think that was my impression of the CGI as I watched the movie. I think on a smaller screen those details will blend a bit better with the rest of the movie. That being said I think that this was the best example of what the EU could and should have been.

My wife also loved the movie all the way up until the end. She wasn't happy with how it ended and the down beat that it ended on.


Maybe it's just me, but the CGI humans didn't bother me at all. Were the animations a little stiff? Sure. Was there firm footing in the uncanny valley? Sure. Did it feel like a video game cut scene? Sure. (Not that modern games aren't a great storytelling medium)

But I'm not going to let a couple obvious areas of improvement wreck an otherwise entertaining story.

I sometimes watch old movies. Black and white. Silent, even. And the method in which certain emotions and reactions are conveyed in that time are, well, unrealistic, to put it kindly. Nobody actually slaps their hands against the sides of their face when they scream in terror. (Most people hold their arms in a defensive position) But when you have no sound, that's how you express the difference between a small scare and a huge fright. In a black and white movie, you can substitute chocolate syrup for blood, and even knowing that, makes it no less intense.

Just because the conventions of storytelling may not be 100% realistic doesn't mean they should ruin a good story.


I had a bigger problem with the non-CGI characters than the CGI ones.  Just didn't care for them as much as last year's "Force Awakens" new characters.  Some will say that's ok because of what happens in this movie, but I don't agree with that.  I enjoyed the film, just didn't love it.