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Started by Leighgion, May 05, 2013, 06:39:39 AM

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Greetings All,

I'm Leigh, from the Seattle area but currently teaching English in Beijing, where fellow geeks are a little thin on the ground. I picked up the podcast a few months ago when hunting for material to pass the long commutes. Gradually tapered off listening to every archived show in sequence, but I've heard the majority.

I was just a few years old when I got started on Trek, which at the time was playing every afternoon on weekdays. Saw "Star Wars" in its original theatrical run, but was a tad on the young side to appreciate the more talky portions. I find the new Star Wars movies a disgrace. Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the new Treks.

Beyond the big two of the genre, I'm drawn in general to stories with fantastical elements, including horror, but I can be very picky about what works for me. "Harry Potter" holds no interest and "The Hunger Games," will always be that pale American, wimpier version of "Battle Royale," but "The Descent" was my favorite horror movie in years and while "Prometheus" can be justly criticized on many levels, I latched onto the old school ambition of trying to be a movie about big ideas, not just explosions.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting H.P. Lovecraft adaptations.

My other big hobby is photography. My avatar is the real me, filtered through an afternoon of theatrical experiments.

Look forward to hanging out. My girlfriend is awesome, but she fell asleep to "Fringe" and made it clear it was an act of love to go see "Iron Man 3" with me.


Welcome to our happy place on the internet! 


Welcome. DS9 is my favorite of the new ones as well.

charlie epsilon

Welcome! Always good to see another H.P. Lovecraft fan!


Welcome aboard....and being a Lovecraft fan you'll know what name not to utter (starts with H ....)



I don't think we're really supposed to utter most of the names. :P