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Got Stung!

Started by Rico, July 16, 2013, 05:48:25 AM

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So I got stung by something over the weekend while cutting grass. At first it wasn't too bad but now it's red, swollen, and painful. At a place right now to get it looked at. Several years ago I had an allergic reaction to bee stings so it might have been a bee again. Hurts like a.....


Ugh. I haven't ever been stung by anything bigger then a mosquito, no ida if I'm allergic or not. Hope they can do something for you.


Here's my nasty wound.  Doc at the urgent care place only prescribed antibiotics to avoid infection.  Hopefully this will improve soon.


wow, that's nasty looking. Not even Benadryl?


Quote from: billybob476 on July 16, 2013, 08:04:27 AM
wow, that's nasty looking. Not even Benadryl?

Been taking it, hasn't helped really.


Ouch!  we used to put a dab if meat tenderizer on a fresh sting - right after it happens.  Once I got stung 18 times.  That was terrible.


Ouch that looks really nasty! Hope you start to feel better soon. :-(


Quote from: Bromptonboy on July 16, 2013, 10:26:05 AM
Ouch!  we used to put a dab if meat tenderizer on a fresh sting - right after it happens.  Once I got stung 18 times.  That was terrible.

Yeah, I've heard that helps.  The thing is the sting hurt when it happened, but for the next day and a half no real reaction or discomfort - then it puffed up, got red, and hurt a lot more.


Hope it heals soon Rico, looks uncomfortable.


I have to agree that looks awful, I mean that is the worst foot wear I have ever seen. ;)

Hope you get that sorted fella, at least you wasnt bit on the old... you know.


Ouch, the meat tenderizer will pull the stuff out of it.  Amy has used it to make the redness and swelling go away.

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Ouch, Dude. I got stung under my eye once by a wasp. No bad reaction just hurt like blue blazes. I seem to get stung about once a year. I hope the medicine the Doc gave you helps.
So tired of bugs this summer. Don't know why they seem so bad this summer.


Wow Rico that looks bad! It looks similar to what happens when you are bit by a brown recluse spider. Do you have any poisonous spiders in Michigan?
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That looks really bad!


I get stung at least 2-3 times per year riding by bike. Was stung on my index finger two weeks ago and my whole hand puffued up pretty good. Once i caught a bee in the back of the throat, he stung me but I was able to spit him back out quickly. Throat got tight but I could breath....and rode anohter 60 miles. :)