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Started by fatfather_2005, May 05, 2013, 02:45:31 AM

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i must have ships on the brain today.
i was wondering was the star destroyers from the first SW movies( episodes4-6) able to go into the atmosphere? i know the ones in the later ones(episodes 1-3) showed in on the planet.
this maybe a moot point but i am really wondering.
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It does not seem very clear, but looks like some can enter the atmosphere like the I Class, but I would say the larger ones like Executor would not be able to.


The republic cruisers (from the prequels) were much smaller and definitely could enter atmosphere. I believe the Victory class SD's could as well but Imperial class and up were too big.


well i thank you for the postings, i didn't have a clue either way, lol
In the Absense of Light, the Darkness Prevails.